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Picture day takes us to Adelaide

Not a lot of pictures today, as when I went to Adelaide, it was only for two days and I didn't take a lot of pictures. The next big batch of photographs is when I went to Sydney, and I did take a lot of pictures, so I didn't want to start them until next week. Please forgive me!

Anyway, in June 1992, I took a side trip to South Australia with the girl I was dating, Melinda, and a fellow American, Alex, to visit Melinda's cousin. She and her parents were nice people. We had a nice weekend. One day we went to the beach at Glenelg, a trendy suburb of Adelaide, where they're very proud of the fact that the name is a palindrome. Don't ask me why. So I took a picture of Melinda and Alex on the beach:

Don't they look happy? Posted by Picasa

That day as the sun went down I got this picture of a jetty. I love this picture. It's dramatic.

 Posted by Picasa

Finally, this is the town hall of Glenelg. It's famous, apparently.

 Posted by Picasa

Well, that's all for today. My Sydney pictures are many, so next week will be much more dazzling. I'll be posting pictures on Sunday for the foreseeable future, as Monday will be reserved for football thoughts! Oh, how can you handle the anticipation???


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