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Hurricane links, life advice from folk songs, tiger urine, breaking down the Bible, and Snakes On A Plane!

Lots of stuff today. I found time somewhere. If I can, I'm going to start putting these links up on Saturday (I started this post on Saturday, but didn't finish) because of the NFL. Yes, I'm a football freak. So sue me. These posts, after all, take a long time.

Anyway, you should all sign my GuestMap. My friend John, whom I met in the same poetry class in which I met my wife, is the latest to sign it. You know you want to!

All right - onward! I'm starting with hurricane stuff, even though you may already know all this stuff. Most bloggers who are interested in Katrina have done a much better job at finding all the goods, but who knows - maybe there is something you need to know in here.

Hurricane Katrina links.

Here's something depressing: The White House excludes the EPA from the Hurricane Response Task Force. Sigh.

It's not really the point whether Bush cares about black people. He can say he cares all he wants. As this article points out, he doesn't have a reason to care. For a politician, that's all that matters. I found this on Andrew Sullivan as well.

Has Katrina killed the conservative movement?

Shockingly enough, Bush has invoked the spirit of September 11th in talking about the hurricane. No one saw that coming, right? I found this at the Chemist's blog.

Hey, if something horrible happens to Portland or Seattle (and it could; they're both near big ol' volcanoes), it's nice to know that the director of FEMA in that area is completely unqualified, too. The best part is that he had to be convinced to apply for a job that pays $138,000 per year.

Why we should rebuild New Orleans.

More stories of the lack of rescue efforts, including the failure to rescue British people in New Orleans and the teenager who stole a school bus, rescued 100 people, and was thrown in jail for, you know, stealing a bus.

After saying New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt, Dennis Hastert did some damage control. This also has a quote by Bill Clinton, who said he would have assaulted Hastert is he had been there. That's weird - is saying maybe rebuilding the city isn't the best idea a reason to hit someone? I found the story on Welcome to the Sideshow.

Interesting, somewhat uppity thoughts about the aftermath of Katrina, from a non-American. This is from the Ministry of Information.

Has Katrina saved the U.S. media? I got the link at Cosmic Variance.

Hey, President Bush: Sell the ranch. This comes from Brian Hogg.

The media blatantly ignores facts. Interesting.

The government doesn't want anyone to photograph the dead from New Orleans. Because, you know, it might upset people. I'm sure others have posted about this, but I found it here.

I'm sure people have already seen this, but here are Barbara Bush's stupid remarks. It's been all over, but I got the link from Cyphering.

Ah, crazy Rick Santorum opens his mouth and hypocrisy comes out. Wonderful. By the way, not only can't Santorum support his family of six on his senator's salary without taking money from his parents, but he also uses state welfare to send his kids to school. I got these both from Pharyngula.

President Bush in denial. Speaking of the first week after the hurricane: "What didn't go right?" Now that's a leader! This is via Science and Politics.

I like Ben Stein, but here he defends Bush. The News Blog picks him apart.

Lots of crazy preachers love all the death in New Orleans! The Disgruntled Chemist links to this. Thank the Lord that New Orleans is free of sin! I got this from Majikthise. PZ Meyers has other links to wacky preachers, as does Orac, who also includes news of David Duke.

"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did." Why do politicians ever open their mouths? Doesn't anyone have one of those, what are they called, oh yeah, brains? There are plenty of things I have wanted to say over the years, but I don't, because I have one of those things in my skull. This is from Balloon Juice.

From the comments of the above story, I found this. Man, even though it's fake, it's really funny.

It's not The Onion, but it's pretty funny: Bush announces that help has arrived.

Geraldo Rivera is pure evil.

Newt Gingrich rips the government for its poor performance after Katrina. This is from Andrew Sullivan.

Many people have already seen this, but Blog for Arizona links to the video of Keith Olbermann ranting. Great stuff. The transcript is here.

Olbermann also has links to conservative newspapers who are editorializing against Bush. Boy, you know the prez fucked up if these guys are angry at him.

Links to bloggers in New Orleans. Some disturbing stuff. Interesting how the people who are going down to help out all seem to be left-winger-leaning-type people. It's just an observation.

Laura has been doing some serious hurricane linking. If you're interested in everything Katrina, check out all these posts.

Ah, the humor. Who can live without it?

I saw this a few other places, but I stole the picture from Drink at Work. Too true, too true:

Posted by Picasa

Life advice from folk songs. I found this at Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog.

I read Leviticus so you don't have to!

Good advice. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Nice Guy will not weaken in the face of super-moms!

As Mike Sterling puts it: Snakes On A Plane!

The new fashion disaster of fall 2005.

In the wake of the hurricane, we get a map of unsafe places to live in the country. Very funny - the only safe place, apparently, is West Virginia. My brother-in-law will be happy. I got this from Balloon Juice.

You know you want this T-shirt. Get it here. I found the site at Overcompensating. Posted by Picasa

Jay Pinkerton goes back to the back of the Bible with: The book of Obadiah. Not for children! Or for the easily offended! But very humorous!

Sarcasmo wants to be infamous. Really, who doesn't?

What if Hagrid served Jesus? And, because McSweeney's stuff is always short, a bonus: A letter from The Power to Public Enemy.

Politics. Making people sick for millennia!

This is a story about William Rehnquist's drug habit and the hypocrisy of our drug usage laws. I got this from Andrew Sullivan. In cases like this, it becomes obvious that the biggest problem in the United States is not racial, but economic. Rehnquist was addicted to a narcotic for over a decade, and no one said anything about it.

Here's a puzzler: Can judges recuse themselves from cases for moral reasons? One thinks so.

Creationist math! Cool stuff. The link comes from Jesus was not a Republican.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar will veto gay-marriage legislation because he wants the people to decide. Now, it is against Proposition 22, so he's technically right, but what's the point of legislative houses anymore if we can have propositions?

Comic book-related things. The nerds shall rule!

An uninitiated woman goes to a comic book convention. Oh, the horror!

Chris loves Sgt. Rock. Can anyone blame him?

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Are comics too dark for mainstream consumers?

How to kill the comics industry.

Dave's Long Box, possibly the greatest comic book blog ever, has been running a series called Boob War. Yes, it's a bit titillating, but it's not really that offensive, especially because Dave treats it all with his excellent sense of humor. In order, here are the posts: Lady Death, Dazzler, X-Men (not work safe, by the way), the four points of contact essay, Shanna the She-Devil, Wonder Woman, She-Hulk. Great stuff.

Cyclops sends Professor Xavier an icky picture.

Speaking of Cyclops,

he's a bit of a drama queen. Posted by Picasa

Here's the DC trade paperback timeline. I got this at Collected Editions.

Dr. Sordid gives us random links to various pulp sites.

Why comics aren't a mass medium. Interesting reading.

A Silver Age glossary. Very funny.

Chris eavesdrops on really stupid comic book fans.

Long post about wacky 1970s Marvel comics. Ah, Marvel used to be wacky. No longer.

Miscellaneous. Slipping through the cracks!

Hey, look! Human brains are continuing to evolve - whoops, I mean they continue to be intelligently designed. I found this at Catallarchy.

A great movie review of The Transporter 2.

Better grammar through onanism. It's fun!

Lots of pictures of creepy places at the Marsden Archive, which I found at Sarcasmo's Corner.

Hey, what's this?

It's noctilucence in Norway, which I found here. I found it at Welcome to the Sideshow. Posted by Picasa

Apparently, back in WW Two, the Germans designed, among other things, an exploding chocolate bar.

Just another post about Britney and the Kabbalah.

Hey - there's a mystery bulge in Oregon. Oh, don't worry, it's not dirty. This comes to you via Laura Gjovaag.

This is strange: A pterodactyl sculpture appears on a hill in San Diego. Ooooh - mysterious!

A Chinese eatery sold donkey meat marinated in tiger urine. Why? Read the story and find out!

In case you didn't know, it's September 11th. I'm not going to go into it too much, because I'm sure I'll just get angry, but nothing has changed. I feel horribly for the families of the victims, but no one in the government cares about you. No one. If they did, we would have caught the bastards who did this. I hope everyone remembers that September 11th is rapidly becoming a symbol of how this Administration has nothing but contempt for Americans. And that's sad.

I hope you like the links. I will probably post pictures tonight, so if you like the pictures, you can check back later. Tomorrow it's time for thoughts about football. Ah, football - is there anything it can't do?


Blogger Roxy said...

very nice links, Greg.

11/9/05 9:45 AM  
Blogger Chris Sims said...

Hey, thanks for hooking me up with a few links, I appreciate it.

However, the rest of your links have totally killed what would've otherwise been a productive afternoon of finishing KOTOR. Curses!

11/9/05 1:19 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

sorry, greg, but i've been watching ben stein on cbs sunday morning; he always an apologist for w. i like stein as a performer but not as an analyst at all.

11/9/05 2:00 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Terribly sorry, Chris - you could have wasted your time like I did - watching football!

I know Ben Stein has always been a conservative, Roger, but usually he at least thinks out his position. How anyone can defend Bush in this situation is beyond me. And yes, I think the mayor and governor deserve a lot of the blame, too.

11/9/05 6:04 PM  
Blogger Woody! said...

Looking forward to the football talk.

I think I'm gonna stare at that Voldemort shirt some more.

11/9/05 6:50 PM  

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