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These are the weakest links!

Yeah, I've never made that joke before. I was saving it up!

Strange week on the Internets. A lot about Hurricane Katrina, obviously, and better people than I have covered it. The children also decided to sleep a lot less this week than other weeks (why, children? what is your devilish plan????), so my surfing was limited. The links, therefore, are few. Let us hope they are still entertaining.

There's always time for fun stuff!

The weirdness of the pinky finger.

Thomas links to a quiz: Porn star or My Little Pony name? I never played with My Little Pony (well, you can't prove I did!), so I was just guessing. Very funny.

The Stuntmother posts questions from children and how to distract your children from their outrageous requests.

Dueling haiku of death! This is from the Justice League comic book in which Vibe dies, so it's a comic thing, but it's funny as well.

Is George Bush the anti-Christ? The numbers add up!

Politics and such.

The Disgruntled Chemist has this story about a lawsuit brought against the university system in California because the university refuses to recognize high school science classes that teach creationism. Dear. Lord.

Nick has links to stories about rebels in India who make porn videos to finance their revolution. Such a weird story.

This is a post comparing Iraq to Germany in 1936. It's fascinating. I don't agree with it, but it's still fascinating.

Hey, look! More attempts to regulate pay cable! Because, you know, we stupid humans can't stop ourselves when we want to watch porn! Help us, government!

Chris McLaren links to this interesting article comparing America in 2005 to Britain in 1905.

Even Dennis Hastert questions rebuilding New Orleans!

Speaking of the hurricane, Kanye West ripped Bush live on the NBC telethon. If you live in the West, of course, you missed it, as it was tape-delayed, but it's still neat. The right-wingers, naturally, are saying that now is not the time to point fingers. That may be true, but if not now, when? Strike while the iron is hot, I say!

Here's something fun: The rulers of Zimbabwe think the movie "The Interpreter" was financed by the CIA as anti-Zimbabwe propaganda. I like how oppressive regimes, which would have no problem making anti-whatever propaganda, think the CIA has time to do it.

Miscellaneous and such.

I wouldn't usually link to one of my posts, but if you are interested, there has been some spirited discussion over my innocent posting of an excerpt about Empress Theodora's sexual habits. Very interesting comments from that always-evil "Anonymous." I don't agree with everyone he says (I'm pretty sure he's male), but it's still very interesting.

Here's something fun: Jellyfish cause a nuclear power plant shutdown in Sweden.

Here's a fun story about an Egyptian woman who is promoting polygamy. I still have this issue with polygamy: I'm all for it if a woman is allowed to have more than one husband. Defenders of polygamy, what do you say? Anyone?

Some interesting news about the first day of school.

In the irony department we get: Jenny McCarthy, best known, perhaps, for taking her clothes off, has written, on the heels of her how-to-be-pregnant-and-infantile-at-the-same-time book (I've browsed through it) a book on how to have a successful marriage. This comes after her announcement this week that she has filed for divorce. Because her book is so essential, there are no plans to stop publishing it. Maybe if I took my clothes off I too could become a published author.¹

What languages really are (as in, "English is essentially bad Dutch with outrageously pronounced French and Latin vocabulary"). I got this from Languagehat.

If anyone thinks American cops are bad, check this out: the police in Papua New Guinea routinely beat, rape, and burn kids. How nice.

In home-state news, Pennsylvania will allow some Sunday beer sales. Alcohol vending in Pennsylvania is a weird business - Quaker blue laws are still in effect, basically, meaning beer distributors can't sell beer on Sunday, and restaurants can only sell it in six-packs. There is no alcohol sold in supermarkets, for those of you who say "Why don't they just buy it in supermarkets?" Therefore, if you want to have a Labor Day party, you better not forget to buy beer on Saturday, or you're SOL.

See? Not a lot, although I have mentioned before that I have less and less time to do this, so that's just the way it is. One week I might have a lot of time, the next, not so much.

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I have picked winners in my contest, I just keep forgetting to e-mail them and let them know. I know, I know, why don't I do it RIGHT NOW! Well, maybe I will ... I will definitely let them know today or tomorrow. In case you were wondering, you know.

Have a groovy Labor Day, those Americans out there. If you're not American ... why the hell not? Don't you wish you were? Come on, you can tell us.

¹ As the world screams "NO!" let me assure you I only wrote that for dramatic effect. My clothes, to the relief of all, are staying on.


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