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Football is BACK!


Last night the college football season began. The Great American Game is back. Five months of smashing heads together, weirdly homoerotic butt pats, and endless discussions about a simple three-year out pattern. Awesome.

I didn't blog a lot about football last year, because I started blogging in the middle of the season. I'll try to rectify that this year, because who doesn't love football? Even my lovely wife likes it (okay, she tolerates it, but still ...)

What did we learn last night? Well, ESPN is obsessed with celebrities. South Carolina versus Central Florida? Really? USC is a middle-of-the-road kind of program, and UCF currently has the longest losing streak in major college football. So why was it on? Two words: Steve Spurrier. The Old Ball Coach was back in college football, so we must show his debut, even though it was a sucky game. Let's hope USC gets wacked by Georgia and Tennessee and they never show up on national television again.

In case you weren't around last year, I really hate Brett Favre. I'm so serious it's not funny. I have hated Brett Favre for many, many years. I think he is one of the most overrated quarterback in the NFL, and I'm tired of the media treating him like a saint. Yes, I feel bad that his personal life over the past couple of years sucks eggs, and I admire him and Steve McNair for stepping up over the past couple of days to help the hurricane victims, but last night was a perfect example of why I hate Brett Favre: he's a glory hound. He was injured slightly in a pre-season football game and limped off the field. He has started something like 225 straight games, and the Packers are pinning their hopes on his old legs for at least one more season. So does he stay out of an absolutely meaningless game to make sure he doesn't get hurt and put the fortunes of his entire team in the hands of an untested rookie? Hell, no. He comes back into the game to throw a touchdown pass, making sure that sportscasters all over can talk about how "tough" he is. That's not tough, that's stupidity. His coach, Mike Sherman, obviously has no power over Saint Brett, because if he did, the minute his super-QB hobbled off the field he would be in the locker room, uniform off, getting his ankle taped and making sure he's ready to play games that count. I was hoping that after Brett came back in, someone would have unloaded on him and snapped his foot off at the ankle. That would have shown him.

Sorry, I got a little carried away. Can you tell that I hate Brett Favre? I have said for years that ESPN needed to give me a show called "I Hate Brett Favre." It would not only focus on Favre, but it would showcase everything in sports that I hate. Despite my love for it, I hate a lot of it too.

In local sports, Arizona State began their season by struggling against Temple, 63-16. Boy, Temple sucks ass. ASU isn't the greatest team, but they get absolutely no national attention, which is a bit of a shame. They not only suffer from sports' East Coast bias, but from the fact that they're in the West but not in Los Angeles. I would love for them or Oregon to win the Pac-10, even though the Sun Devils have a better chance than the Ducks. I like Southern Cal, but enough already.

Penn State, my alma mater, still sucks, and I want Joe Paterno to quit really badly, which pains me to say, because he's such a great coach. However, I don't think it's his fault that PSU has fallen on bad times - at least, not completely. I think his coaching staff is truly awful, and since he is not going to get rid of the staff anytime soon, it might be time to blow the whole thing up and start over. Penn State could get any coach they want, and I really hope Joe realizes it's time to go soon. That being said, they should start the season 5-0 - they play South Florida, Cincinnati (sorry, Woody, they should beat up the Bearcats), Central Michigan, Northwestern, and Minnesota before reality hits home with Ohio State. Maybe they can make a little noise in the Big Ten, but I doubt if it will be very loud.

As for pro football, my Super Bowl picks? New England and Philadelphia. Yes, it's boring, but the only team anywhere near the Patriots is Indianapolis, and even if the Colts get home field advantage in the playoffs, the Patriots just know how to beat Peyton Manning and his boys. And there's the Patrick Ewing theory factor to consider with Manning. In the NFC, Philadelphia is not just a homer pick. Atlanta and Carolina are the only teams that have a chance against them, and the Falcons still have issues with their quarterback (I like Michael Vick, but he's not really that good a QB) and, actually, so does Carolina (I'm still not sold on Delhomme). So I'm boring, but that's what happens when two teams are clearly better than the rest.

Football is back. BRING IT ON!


Blogger Logan said...

Not much for college, gimme pro anyday. Falcons all the way baby!

3/9/05 5:51 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

You are a bad person, Logan. The Falcons - blech. Although I fear them. They have the best chance of knocking off the Eagles this year, I think, especially if they get them at home on that turf. Even outdoors I fear them. Monday night, 12 September should be a dandy game ...

3/9/05 10:42 PM  
Blogger N said...

In Bret Favre's defense, he provided (but did not say) the only truly funny line in There's Something About Mary.

4/9/05 11:01 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

There's Something About Mary actually went a long way toward stunting my hatred of Favre, because he was quite excellent in his extended cameo. I don't hate him as a person - like I said, I admire his hurricane relief efforts - just as a football player. It's kind of like my hatred of Shaq, even though he seems like a cool guy.

4/9/05 11:22 AM  

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