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Who can beat the Patriots? Anyone?

Before I forget, here's a great article I encourage everyone who cares about stuff like, I don't know, civility and the future of the country to read:

Excellent stuff, especially considering the fact that I got an interesting comment on my post about the presidential debate last week. Read it yourself!

I didn't pay that much attention to football this past weekend, because my beloved Eagles weren't playing, but I would like to make some observations:

Can anyone beat the Patriots? I think so, and I think if they get through the next five games with four wins, then we can start talking about them being a great team.

The Seahawks and Cardinals CHOKED. Aren't they supposed to be professionals?

Why was everyone always so down on Drew Brees? He always seemed to be pretty decent to me, and now he has a semi-decent team around him, and he's playing for his future, and he can make some plays.

As I write, the Brett Favres are getting hammered. I hate Nancy-Boy Favre. I'm not sure if that makes me a bad American. Someday I may get into the depth of my Favre-hatred, but not now. I'll wait until he does something incredibly stupid -- like come back in the game with a concussion simply to keep his touchdown-pass streak going -- and gets praised by every commentator in the country for being a "warrior." It should be any day now. I just watched him throw a really bad interception, but no one praised him for it. I also thought that post-September 11 we all agreed to stop calling athletes "warriors" unless they actually were one, like Pat Tillman. That didn't last long ...

Penn State lost this week, and I'm sad. I am a Penn State alumnus, and this feeble excuse for a football team makes me weep. I think JoePa should take his millions and treat his wife to an around-the-world cruise. It's just sad.

Next week my beloved Eagles play, and I'll be glued to the tube. My football thoughts will follow!

ira furor brevis est!