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I plan on being the supreme dictator of the country, if not the world. Therefore, you might want to stay on my good side. Just a hint: ABBA rules!


What the crap do I think I'm doing?

So I'm reading the latest post by my friend Michelle over at (like I know how to link to it; I can barely turn my computer on), and I think -- I'm much more charming and witty than she is, so why shouldn't I get myself a web log? (Forgive me for saying so, but "blog" sounds like something you do in the toilet -- which, I suppose, is the point, since most of it belongs there, including what's on this site.) So I fired one up, and here is the first "official" post, in which I answer the question above.

My name is Greg Burgas, and I'm 33. I live in Mesa, in what the locals call Arizona but I like to call "hell." It's October and in the high 90s. I used to be a high school teacher, but now I'm a full-time househusband. I'm about as white as can be (Polish, Lithuanian, German, Scotch-Irish) and I'm liberal, but not "crazy" liberal (at least I don't think so, but my friend Dave S. might think differently). I love parentheses! I write quite a bit, although not as much as I should, and I have had a grand total of one (1) story published in my life. I'm working on a novel, but who knows when that sucker will be done. I read comic books religiously, and I will be reviewing some old ones on this site as well as the ones I get every week. If you don't read comic books, you should -- what better way to throw your money down a deep well? I also love sports, especially football, and every Monday I will post something about the weekend's games. Other than that, nothing's set in stone.

I have been married for ten years, and my wife and I are proud parents of a two-year-old girl, whom I will affectionately refer to as the Demon Child. She is, of course, the most beautiful girl in the world. You have no choice but to accept that. My wife and I have lived in Arizona (or "hell") for three years, and before that we lived in Portland, Oregon ("heaven," at least compared to here). We moved there from Pennsylvania, where we grew up. We both have English degrees from Penn State University, and I have a History Master's Degree from Portland State University.

I should tell you -- I will one day be supreme dictator of these United States, if not the world. That's why it's crucial that you read my web log and get to know me. That way, when my "Attorney General" (or, as he'll really be known, Commissioner of the Secret Police) sends his jack-booted thugs to your house thirty years from now, you can exclaim something that learned here and we will be lenient. Don't say you haven't been warned!

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