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Some football thoughts:

Last week on ESPN a couple of Patriot fans asked Mike Golic and Mark Schlereth why the Pats don't get more respect. I was so happy when both gentlemen said that was one of the most ridiculous things they'd heard in a while. I'm so sick of athletes claiming they get no respect. It's just sickening. Oh, you mean the money doesn't do it for you? The adulation of the fans? The Super Bowl rings (if you're a member of the Patriots)? Most intelligent people have known for a long time that athletes use the "no respect" line to psych themselves up (which is sad, in a way), but when fans start falling for it, it's gone too far. Give me break, Patriots fans. Would you rather have the "respect," whatever that is, of the national media, or root for a team that has won two Super Bowls in three years and hasn't lost in over a year? Speaking as a fan of a team that has come really bleedin' close to the Super Bowl the past three years and has choked in the Championship Game, I'd say be happy with the Championships, you fickle jerks. Especially when your baseball team sucks.

Respect: who do I respect in the No Fun League, based on this past weekend? Jerry Rice needs to give it up. He should have quit before this season, but now he definitely does. I love Rice, but read the writing on the wall, man!

I still hate Brett Favre. Yes, it borders on pathological. I still have no respect for him or the slobbering over him by the national media. I wonder how many games he's cost the Packers because of his "iron man" mentality? I also wonder how many games he's cost them because of his propensity for flinging the ball up into triple coverage just because he's Brett Favre.

Just so you don't think I'm some kind of homer, it was kind of childish of Terrell Owens to call out Ricky Manning last week. I mean, Owens should win that battle -- he's taller and bigger and stronger than Manning. Belittling Manning's performance in the Championship Game last January is just stupid -- Owens wasn't on the Eagles then, and Manning did dominate what receivers the Eagles threw out there. That said, Owens backed it up, which is more than you can say for Chad Johnson of the Bungels. He sent Pepto-Bismol to the Browns' defensive backs because they were going to have upset stomachs after covering him -- which is, admittedly, pretty funny -- and then went out and dropped four passes and his team got waxed. Walk the walk, Chad! Talk about no respect.

The class of the league is obviously the Patriots and Eagles, although I'm with Gregg Easterbrook of, who is sick of New England. St. Louis, New York (both teams), Denver and Minnesota look like they are right up there. Philly has beaten both Minnesota and the Giants, which is the only loss either team has. My current prediction for the Super Bowl (which will change quite often during the season) is New England and whoever plays Philadelphia in the Championship Game, because you know the Eagles will find a way to lose. It's just the way they are.

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