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Don't freak out!

I added word verification to the comments section. I was just sick of all the spam. Anyway, I hope all my vast minions can still comment on my pithy entries. I mean, come on, I think I might be up to double digits in the number of readers who show up around here, and I have to provide them a way to still comment! It's a painless process - try it! You'll like it!


Blogger Matthew said...

No more comment spam?! Now I will be deprived of all those useful product advertisements! Does anyone really purchase products that are advertised via spam?

1/9/05 2:51 AM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

You know what I hate about those word verification things? That sometimes I get 'em WRONG. Particulatly the l and the 1 and the 0 and the O. But I've never had anything to say about your page anyway, so it's no big deal.

1/9/05 4:55 AM  

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