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Pictures of people you don't know

Well, I'd like to show nothing but pictures of beautiful Australian scenery, but sometimes, it's fun to show photographs of people. Granted, no one out there will know who these people are, unless the people in them happen to stop by the blog, but what the hell. Maybe these will be interesting.

Okay, so the first picture isn't a person. This is Whitley College, the dormitory I lived in while I was a student in Melbourne. Fun place. Full of Baptists. They did not like it when the non-Baptists partied.

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I turned 21 while I was in Australia. It wasn't that big a deal, since you can drink before you're 21, but it was still a nice symbolic birthday. My friends took me out to Naughton's Hotel, a bar right down the street from Whitley, and the bar gave me a free pitcher. That's right, just me. If you can't scull a pitcher in Australia, you aren't a real man (or woman, for that matter). I think I made it. The whole night is somewhat fuzzy. Note Amber (the girl on my left) looking skeptically on.

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A few weeks ago I mentioned that each college threw a ball during the school year. This is a picture of us at Whitley's ball. Look how stylish I am!

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This is Melinda, the girl I dated while I was in Australia. She just got married about a month ago. Congratulations, Mel!

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The last two pictures are ones that make me laugh, because they are what my friends would call "typical" Greg poses. In the first picture I was ridiculously drunk, and in the second one ... well, let's just say my mind was altered by other means. The first was taken at a party in the college - the bosses allowed us to party twice a year and blow off some steam. Prior to the party, I helped out mixing the punch, so of course we all had to "taste" it to make sure it was okay. Yeah, that was a good idea. As for the second picture ... There's a story behind it, but it's somewhat long. If you really want to know, ask me and I'll spill it. Let's just say I was a tad grumpy.

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So there you have it. Next week: a side trip to Adelaide! You never know what to get on Picture Day!


Blogger Afe said...

Nice pics. I too get accusatory when I'm drunk.

5/9/05 6:06 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Ah, but Afe, in the picture when I'm being accusatory I'm not exactly drunk ...

5/9/05 8:47 PM  
Anonymous Leapin said...

he's like that when he's sober too!!! ;-)

9/9/05 7:32 PM  

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