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Some links I had lying around

For the past few weeks, I have been able on Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays to surf the Internets for those links we all love, and then I read comics on Wednesday afternoon and other things come up later in the week, and I don't end up with many. Well, I've been doing that so often recently that I have quite a number of interesting things. So, in order that they don't get too old, I thought I'd throw them out there and see what you think. Maybe something in them will interest you!


Just when you were starting to formulate reasons Arizona isn't the dumbest state in the nation comes this story from Saturday's newspaper. Eight statues of lions with rams trapped underneath them are being removed from the entrance to a children's water fountain park. Not because there's no reason for lions about to devour rams to be featured at a children's water park, but because some people have complained that the position of the animals is too sexual. Yes, you read that right. I'm dying to see if the little ones are upset by things that adults deem too sexual. As someone in the article states, adults with their minds in the gutter are the only ones who seem bothered by this. I think that lions pinning rams to the ground is kind of a weird thing to put there, but not because it's sexual. People are bizarre.


Here's a new blog: A Woman Was Lynched Today. It's sad that it is necessary to track crimes against women.


Brian Hughes is re-reading Flex Mentallo. Holy crap, is Flex Mentallo excellent. Here's his take on issue #1, and here he looks at issue #2. He hasn't gotten to issue #3 yet.

I'm stealing this picture from Kevin. I hope he forgives me. It's just too glorious:

I found quite a weird story here: the city of Gallatin, TN, is upset because scenes from a movie - Thong Girl 3 - were filmed in the mayor's office. Two things are interesting about this: it's not necessarily the nature of the movie, just that it's prohibited without the city council's approval; and that this is the third Thong Girl movie! And, of course, this wouldn't be the 21st century unless the filmmaker has a blog (with no bad pictures, trust me!) and you can always go the films' official website. Hey, look! Here's Thong Girl right now:

Fightin' crime ... while wearing a thong.

Chris Sims reads Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose so you don't have to! In case you don't know anything about this comic book, this is a typical panel:

In fact, that might be a bit tame for this book.

Speaking of Chris, he also delves deep into the best-selling comic book of all time: X-Men #1. Wow, I own this book and enjoy it, but he's right - it's kind of goofy.

Dave Campbell looks at X-Statix #24, which features Iron Man and Mr. Sensitive fighting each other ... naked. Whoo-hoo!

Scipio brings us ... octopus love!

Oh, Alan, how could you?

Scipio has also managed to interview Aquaman. Not to be missed! And, he gives us the grooviest Aquaman panel ever:

Jake shows what happens when Green Lantern meets Freddie Mercury!


Should we partition Iraq into three parts? I'm sure the president doesn't want to hear that!

Speaking of the War on Terror™, remember Afghanistan? Yeah, it's going into the shitter. Good to know that we care.

Sadly, until the election in a couple of weeks, you are not allowed to criticize incumbent politicians. Welcome to America!

In the wake of the Mark Foley scandal, there's only one thing to do: Shut down the page program. Sure, because it's their fault.

Dick Cheney gets grumpy. I know, shocking.

What you don't know about your prescription drugs might kill you. How nice.

One of Andrew Sullivan's readers spotted a bumper sticker. Here it is:

Spotted, of course, in Portland, OR. I miss my old town!

Keith Olbermann is a shameless Clinton apologist, but other than that, he makes some very good points, like here, when he rips Bush a new one:

I'm sure lots of people have already seen this, but it's still worthwhile: the murder of habeas corpus.

Speaking of which, Glenn Greenwald shows why Bush just doesn't get it with regard to the loss of habeas corpus. Silly man. And, of course, Fox News lies to its viewers about the act. Naturally.

Bush Republicans are all for torture! Good to know. This comes from Andrew Sullivan.

Daddy Dialectic had some interesting posts a while back. Here's one about conservative parenting techniques, one about corporal punishment, and one about why conservatives just don't get it when it comes to kids. It's a very interesting blog all around.

And while we're caring about the children, parents in Kansas are concerned about showing pregnant teens and other bad folk in a high school yearbook. Oh, the horror! The kids will be warped if they see girls getting pregnant! I found this at Education Wonks.

Lots more education links here, including a teacher getting hacked to death in Mexico for opposing a teacher strike. That's just wacky.

The United States gets tough ... on space. Take that, space! Dear Lord. I found this at Wicked Boring.

Wicked Boring also links to this, in which a Democrat is forced to apologize for using the word "slavish" to describe a black Republican's devotion to his party. Because people are just so stupid.

You may have already seen this - the new government signs about what to do in terrorists attacks. Funny stuff. I found this here.


I found this here: Rock album covers go to war! Someone has too much time on their hands!


As What Would Tyler Durden Do? points out, the government of Kazakhstan gets grumpy because Sacha Baron Cohen, in his guise as Borat, makes fun of them and calls them stupid. They want him to knock it off! They probably shouldn't spell the word "bank" incorrectly on their currency, then.

Thai lingerie workers wave bras to defy martial law! Those kooky Thai lingerie workers! I found this at Dave Barry's blog.


The GayProf was tired of blogging for a while (he's back), but in the meantime, he listed some fun things you blog about when you're tired of blogging. And there are videos!

Ragnell makes a good point about blogs.


I can't remember where I saw this, but check it out: Hot Chicks on Bikes. Totally work safe, I swear. Not enough posts, though. Let's go!


I know you're dying to buy ... Jesus bandages! If you're dead and you slap one on, do you come back to life? It also comes with a Jesus toy. Who wouldn't want that?

Andy Martello found this:

How can this not be the greatest thing ever?


Andy also gives us ten Halloween costumes you can make with the old suits in your closet. My favorite one is the retarded monkey!

Is this a brilliant Halloween costume? Deb Geisler thinks so.


Mr. Gisby's Totally Gay Pet Shop. Yeah, I'm a bit scared as well. Look around the site!

From YesButNoButYes we get: this web site, where you can put your name in and find out how many people in the country share it. I am the only "Gregory Burgas" in the country! You can also go here, which has an astonishing collection of melons. Yes, melons:

YesButNoButYes also points us to unintentionally sexual video games. Lots of fun stuff.


Gregg Easterbrook is always entertaining, and in last week's column he featured his cheerleader of the week, Laura of the Minnesota Vikings. Two things are interesting about Laura and her web page. First, she claims she is NOT six feet tall ... she's 71 inches. Okay, Laura. Second, click on the link and look at the URL to see how the Vikings feel about their cheerleaders. Interesting. This, of course, gives me an excuse to post her picture:

Yeah, I'm a hypocrite. But at least I'm not a powerful organization like the Minnesota Vikings!

That's all she wrote for this week. Have fun with the links, and we'll see what transpires over the next few weeks before I leave. It's always a fine thing to revel in the madness of the web!

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