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Long-time readers may remember last Christmas, when some motherfucker stole the wreath off of our garage door. Well, it happened again.

Krys loves Halloween. More than is probably healthy, actually. Ever since we moved into this house she has wanted to decorate, and this year she finally did. She put up fake spider-webs and spiders and a creepy windchime of skulls and a ghoul with a black cape and white hands with a mask like the killers in Scream wore. This ghoul, which she hung right by our front door, made ghoulish noises when anyone walked by. She put it up on Sunday. Last night someone stole it.

Let's consider this. Someone came right up to our front door, through the gate that separates the entrance area from the driveway (which has no lock on it), and took it. I have to imagine it was punk high school kids, because this thing had no value whatsoever. I would just like to know what these assholes plan to do with it. What's the fucking point?

You can say that this kind of thing happens all over the country. But it's only happened to us in this shitty state. Reason Number 5,989,184 to get the hell out of here. No wonder people around here don't decorate for anything other than Christmas. People suck.

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Anonymous Beta Ray Steve said...

Where's Batman when you need him?

12/10/06 12:11 PM  
Blogger Woody! said...

Buncha savages in this town.

13/10/06 1:45 PM  

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