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Football predictions you can't live without!

I usually do these on Fridays, but I have something horribly self-indulgent tomorrow, so bear with me. I like to shake things up here at Delenda Est Carthago!

Hit it!

Carolina (-3) 24, ARIZONA 13. Yes, it was a nice win by the Cardinals last week, and yes, they're playing at home, where they actually win a few games, but winning streaks for the Cardinals are few and far between. Panthers win. Sorry, Cardinals.
Chicago (+3) 24, CLEVELAND 20. This is a tough game to call. Neither team is great, but both teams can play well. Cleveland is at home, but I'm giving the edge to the better defense. I know I said I was sort of on the Browns bandwagon, but not yet. Not yet, Fake Browns!
GREEN BAY (-3) 35, New Orleans 26. The Favres can't go 0-5, can they? They got hot late in the game against Carolina, and the Saints are once again on the road, and the Packers can't be that horrible, can they? Can they????¹
NEW YORK JETS (+3) 20, Tampa 14. Vinny to the rescue! It's in New Jersey, the Bucs have to lose eventually, and the Jets get Vinny back to lead them to victory! It's the perfect story!²
ST. LOUIS (-3) 28, Seattle 20. Poor Seahawks. They go on the road again. Mike Martz may not coach because of health issues, and although I hope he's okay, that can only be good for the Rams. St. Louis can't make insane calls two weeks in a row, can they? Can they????
ATLANTA (-3) 26, New England 14. This is a dangerous game for the Falcons. The Patriots don't lose two in a row, and the last time they lost, they went into Pittsburgh and smacked the Steelers around. However, I can't go against Atlanta. I don't like picking them because they are rivals to my beloved Eagles, but I have to.
BUFFALO (-2.5) 17, Miami 7. Kelly Holcomb gets the start. I always thought he was a better quarterback than anyone gave him credit for being. The Bills, like the Jets, rally behind the new guy!
DETROIT (-1) 21, Baltimore 13. I'm only picking the Lions because I think they ride the momentum from the end of last game. And the Ravens stink on offense. STINK!
Tennessee (+3) 14, HOUSTON 10. Possibly the two worst teams in the league (the Packers are up there, but they're kind of entertaining). If last week's Jets-Ravens game set the NFL back a century, this may kick it back into the Middle Ages.
Indianapolis (-14) 42, SAN FRANCISCO 10. Alex Smith gets his first start. This could get ugly real fast.
Philadelphia (-3) 30, DALLAS 17. I picked against the Eagles last week. More fool me. This isn't actually a homer pick - I just don't think the Cowboys are good enough yet to challenge Philly.
DENVER (-6.5) 20, Washington 10. Washington does not remain unbeaten. They're on the road, against a pretty good Broncos team, and they're just not that good.
Cincinnati (+2.5) 27, JACKSONVILLE 13. How are the Jaguars favored in this game? Because they're at home? They have no offense to speak of. How will they score? This is another huge game for the Bengals. They are coming off a weak game offensively and they go on the road to play a decent team. I still don't see how Jacksonville will keep up offensively.
SAN DIEGO (-2.5) 24, Pittsburgh 17 (Monday Night). Yes, the Steelers are coming off a bye week, but the Chargers looked really stinkin' good last week, and they seem to be the kind of team who can man up physically against Pittsburgh. And they're at home. That says WIN for the Chargers!

Penn State's dream season comes crashing down this weekend, I fear. They play at home, but it's against Ohio State. I will be shaking my head and crying a lot on Saturday night, I think.

¹ I wish they could be, but I can't believe it.
² I don't really think Vinny is that good a quarterback. I love him, though, because he threw 5 interceptions against Penn State in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, which helped the Lions win a National Championship. That makes Vinny okay in my book.


Blogger Disintegrating Clone said...

-- Chicago (+3) 24, CLEVELAND 20

My Dilfer-sense is tingling this week. Browns by seven.

7/10/05 3:53 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if the Browns come up big in this game. This is really a tough game to pick.

7/10/05 6:15 AM  
Blogger john sweet said...

I am in Erie. I actually have access to a computer with internet capabilities. And, what is best, I got to see PSU defeat OSU!!!!!


Uncle Monster

8/10/05 8:54 PM  

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