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My absolutely final pictures of Australia, plus why I will always hate the Chicago Cubs

So I know it's all cool to love the loser Cubs, but I have never liked them. Now, with their pathetic performance against Houston the past two days to somewhat cost the Phillies a playoff spot, I hope they go another century without winning the World Series. Yes, the Phillies went in the tank earlier this week against the stupid Mets, losing the first two games, and yes, the Phillies themselves lost, I think all 6 games they played against the Astros this year, but I will still reserve a bit of the blame for the Cubs. You're a loser franchise, Cubs. Not unlike my beloved Phillies. But everyone knows the Phillies are a loser franchise, and it's not "romantic" to root for them. It shouldn't be "romantic" to cheer for losers like the Cubs, either.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, it's Picture Day, and we have reached the end of my journeys through Australia. In June 1992 I spent a little time with the girl I was dating, Melinda, on her farm in northern Victoria, near Echuca (it's near Shepparton, if you're interested) (oh, I joke - here's a map; it's about 200 kilometers north of Melbourne). It was a nice time - we hung out, went into town, relaxed, and I drank unpasteurized milk. See? I told you I was more exotic than you are! This is a picture of their farm:

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This is the Iron Bridge connecting Victoria and New South Wales. I actually don't know if it's called that, so the capitals might be a bit much. It could have a completely different name. Anyone in my vast Australian readership want to help me out?

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Echuca is famous, apparently, for its paddle steamers. It's good to be famous for something, I suppose. Here is one of them.

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After I left the farm, I went for a couple of days to Mt. Hotham, a ski resort. It was neat. I hung out with some of the students I had gotten to know over the previous five months, and did some skiing. Here's the landscape:

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Finally, it's a picture of me skiing. Yes, I wasn't always a big fat man permanently trapped in a chair in my living room! I was once out there! I also didn't care about no stinkin' poles, either! Especially on a wussy slope like this.

I learned how to ski in Austria and Switzerland when I was young. I miss the Alps. Posted by Picasa

And so we leave Australia behind. Prior to meeting Krys, this was one of the best times of my life. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go, even though it's expensive. Next week: Still abroad, as we head to New Zealand!


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