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Feral children, what to do at Wal-Mart, sex toys, strip clubs, marrying your own in-laws, and the best blog post EVER! It's link time!

It's another Saturday here at the blog, and I've been collecting links all week, and today was a big college football day (unfortunately, Arizona State turned the ball over 5 times and lost a tough game to USC, but Penn State beat the crap out of Minnesota, which was very cool), so my chair has a big ol' ass print, and you get links!

As I usually do, I will pimp my GuestMap. There's really no excuse for you not to sign it and say hello. Only good things can happen!

So let us fire up the links. After I asked last week, I got the answer about how to open the links in a new window. Let us hope I did it correctly, as I am computer-illiterate for the most part!

One always needs to laugh, so here we find funny links.

Latigo Flint examines the horror that is ... feral children!

You knew it was coming ... General Zod for president. He has my vote! Talk about a law-and-order candidate! I found the soon-to-be greatest president at Peter David.

Here's something I have definitely bookmarked: 100 Things I'd Do If I Was An Evil Overlord. I found this at Marionette's blog.

As Drink at Work puts it: Neon=delicious!

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This guy gets people to touch his belly while being photographed. Truly awesome. I found this at I do all my own stunts.

Oscar Madison is scared of mannequins.

Ponce de Leon: what America needs for the war on terror?

Best. Blog. Entry. Ever. (Warning: offensive language.) Thanks to Roxy for sending me this blog's address.

Funny Bush joke. Can't we leave the president alone? (Answer: no.)

Summer movies other than March of the Penguins that conservatives are rallying behind.

One needs lists in one's life, so this category is all about the lists.

15 things to do in Wal-Mart while your significant other takes his or her time.

Layne's 13 rules for life. Always pertinent: "Never buy drugs from a honky with dreds." Amen, brother!

One should be interested in politics, even if it makes one ill.

I'm sure you want to buy Help! There are Liberals Under My Bed! Because it's never too early to indoctrinate your children politically. And, of course, there's a liberal alternative. Sigh. Remember when kids' books were about monsters at the end of the book and whether where wild things were? Foolish authors, trying to entertain kids when they could have been forming their political opinions! We already have Mia sporting "Hillary in 2008" T-shirts, damn it! These stories are from Andrew Sullivan.

Now, I'm sure the government has better things to do than come into the homes of adults and stop them from enjoying themselves without illegal substances and with no one getting hurt, right? HAH! Check out this anti-porn bill. It looks fine, although I'm squeamish about anti-porn bills. This one looks fine because it's all anti-child porn, which only freaks are upset about. However, if you read on, consenting adults taking naked pictures of each other in the privacy of their own homes would be illegal. Of course, who knows if anyone will vote against this because they don't want to be "soft" on child porn. Ah, the government - good thing we don't have a war on terror to fight, because the war on nudity is so much more important! This comes from The Agitator via Catallarchy.

How nice: the intelligent design trial has begun in Pennsylvania. I'm sure there has been a lot of commentary on several blogs about this, but I just wanted to point it out. Good to see how far we've come in 80 years, as in, nowhere. One last time: you can believe in intelligent design all you want, but it's not science. You can't test it scientifically. It should not be taught in science class. There's nothing more to be said.

The Disgruntled Chemist links to this article about how global warming isn't happening, and then proceeds to rip the guy a new one. The Chemist has lots of issues with people who don't think we're speeding up global warming. Good for him!

I talked about conservatives bashing Bush last week, and here they go again! This is from the Huffington Post.

President Bush wants to reinstate late-term abortions. That's nice of him. Maybe he wants to get rid of all the black people!¹

Free speech squashed at Bucknell University! Good to see. The phrase "hunting terrorists" caused a problem. Don't I wish I was making this up. I got this at Andrew Sullivan. Look, I'm as liberal as the next guy, but "free speech" cuts both ways. As the article points out, if I were at Bucknell and objected to a flyer with the word "vagina" on it, would they accommodate my idiocy? No they would not.

Ann Coulter opens her mouth again. I would quote from it, but it's so much better to read the whole thing. This is from the BEAST blog.

Okay, so these are Bill Bennett's actual words. Ace of Spades defends him here. John Cole defends him here. Now, it seems pretty clear that he wasn't advocating aborting all black babies, but to say that he's not saying something racist is less clear. First of all, he immediately equated "black people" with "crime," which is too often done. I wish Bennett had said the same thing about white people, because he'd probably be right to say that, too. Second, does Bill Bennett not have a brain? Despite the fact that there's nothing horribly wrong with what he said, didn't he think, right before he said it, "This might not be the best thing to say?" In this day and age, he couldn't have thought that would be a smart thing to say. As the Freakonomics guys point out here and here, Bennett misses the point anyway. In a humorous vein, Former Intern Andy knows the real reason why Bennett said it.

Boy, the world is in good shape, isn't it?

Are we getting ready to leave Iraq? The rumblings have begun ...

Barack Obama: the first black president? Lots of good stuff here. If only people would listen. This is from Donklephant.

One should read comic books, and one should therefore be edumacated about them.

Fred Hembeck always points out my big link-posts, and last week he wondered why I never steal from him. Well, Fred, I did once, back in the day. The problem with Fred's blog is that you can't link to a specific entry. So go read it - it's very interesting.

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What the heck is Aquaman doing? Out-of-context comic book panels are the best. This week over at the Absorbascon, Scipio shows us how lonely Aquaman is. And to give Arthur some props, he also shows us Aquaman's heroic haiku abilities!

Chris reviews Terror, Inc, a regrettable mid-1990s Marvel title. The horror, the horror (to coin a phrase).

Here are some interesting thoughts about the gay character in Runaways #8. Can't someone in mainstream superhero comics just be gay and leave it at that?

Erik Larsen goes off on comic book creators. Excellent. Peter David disagrees with him. I love when comic book guys fight!

Yes, it's a painting of Super Grover by Alex Ross.

Buy it here. I found this at Laura's blog. Posted by Picasa

Oh dear.

"Idol" is some weird Kryptonian euphemism, right? Posted by Picasa

One really doesn't have enough news about squids in one's life, does one?

You know you can't have a good weekend without reading about squid sex! Talk about freaky! Because it's about cool animal stuff, I must have found it on Pharyngula.

Speaking of squid and freaky stuff, scientists have taken a picture of giant squid! Oh, it's the Holy Grail of biologists!

Here's a picture of it, which I found here. Lots of other pictures there too. Groovy. My dad once ate squid in its own ink, because he's crazy. That's some trivia for you! Posted by Picasa

Giant squid v. John Roberts" a comparison!

One should always peruse the miscellany, because there may be newsworthy items in there.

Half of Europeans know two languages. Only 9 percent of Americans do. This says something about our educational system and our values, but what exactly would take a long time to get into. I think all children should be forced to learn two languages from the moment they enter school. But that's just me. I found this on Education Wonks.

According to this study by godless Europeans, godless European countries are better off than the United States. How so? Well, they have less crime, less teen pregnancy, less drug abuse. Stupid godless Europeans. How dare they question us? This is from those godless Americans at the Huffington Post.

It's the history of the Doomsday Clock. It's interesting to see where it was and why.

A top Jesuit speaks out against the Vatican's expected ban on gay priests. Good to see. This is from Donklephant.

One should also peruse the fun miscellany, so one can see how truly bizarre our wonderful world is.

Chris McLaren expands his vocabulary. Excellent stuff, including a bakku-shan, which is Japanese meaning "a girl who looks like she might be pretty when seen from behind, but isn't when seen from the front." Those excellent Japanese!

How many of you are poor spellers? Come on, you can admit it! I am very good at spelling (one of the few things I'm good at), so I appreciate this list of the 100 most misspelled words. Bookmark it and use it! I found it at Ramblings of a Generalist.

Check it out:

This translates as: What are you doing for the plan? Posted by Picasa

The translation of this evident. Posted by Picasa
Sleestak points out these two propaganda posters. I'm sure the American one is much better, because of ... some reason. Because we're Americans! Yeah, that's it!

A Harry Potter fan copies the entire book. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently those Slovakians don't have many books around. I found the story at A little east of reality.

Oh dear. Have you always wanted sex toys shaped like religious icons, because you just know that Jesus wants you to get kinky? Well, buy them here. I love the Internet. You can buy, quite literally, anything you want.

West Virginia is Number One! Why, say you? Because it has the most strip clubs per capita in the country. Bet you can't guess what number two is!²

Boy, today's links are full of sex, aren't they? I don't mean it, but sometimes it just happens that way. Like a story about the worst sex scenes in movie history. They don't list them, but the pool scene from Showgirls is the worst. Interestingly enough, I've never seen that scene. I've seen a bit of the movie, but whenever I watch it for more than two minutes my eyes start to bleed. I found the story at Ace of Spades.

An English man will now be allowed to wed his ex-mother-in-law. Isn't that sweet? This comes from Dancing the Polka with Miss El Cajon.

The 24-Hour Church of Elvis web site is back! If you don't know what this venerable Portland institution is, read more about it here. It's groovy. I have a T-shirt and a refrigerator magnet.

The California wildfires force Britney Spears from her home and come "dangerously close to the set of hit TV show 24. Dear Lord, where is the president! Our natural resources are threatened! Dave Barry pointed this out.

Roxy sent me this link: This guy made 365 stuffed animals, and they are weird.

That's all for this week. Phew. The Internet keeps expanding, and I'm trying to keep up, I swear!

¹ Just like Bill Bennett says we should!
² It's Oregon, by the way. At least it's not a "good Christian" state like Georgia. That would be embarrassing, wouldn't it? Oregon is a nice godless state that likes Commie liberals and chicks taking their clothes off. Stalin's wife was a stripper, you know.


Blogger Dorian said...

Re: the politcal children's books, I have a sinking suspicion the left-leaning one is meant to be a joke, while the right-leaning one is in earnest. Which is almost as scary as "Of Pandas and People"

1/10/05 7:27 PM  
Blogger K said...

Greg, it is no secret, if you read some of the things Ashcroft and others have said, that the current administration wants to ban adult pornography. they've started by linking it to child porn, and they've started going after some questionable adult porn that features simulated illegal acts. It's a safe attack, because who'd going to stand up for their right to watch porn? But that's the point. it's all part of plan to erode the rights of everyday Americans. It represents all freedoms; it truly is a slippery slope. (For similar reasons, liberals who don't want to own guns themselves should support the 2nd amendment.) Conservative? That word doesn't even mean anything anymore. It used to mean someone who wanted less government and more individual freedom. Now it's someone who wants more government, more cronyism, and less freedom. As someone who's going into teaching, I find all this very scary. What will patriotism and freedom mean to kids ten years from now? Sorry for ranting, but your political links get me all fired up.

1/10/05 9:07 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

Hey Greg,
I read your blog occasionally, so I figure it's only fair to invite you over to mine:

It's mostly drawings and things. Check it out if you've got time.

1/10/05 9:46 PM  
Blogger Roxy said...

I want communism posters. And porn. I want posters of communists doing porn. And then I want to send them to Bush.

2/10/05 8:26 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Dorian, I wish I could think that, but it seems to me that both sides don't have a sense of humor these days. I haven't seen either book, but I'm going to have to find them at the bookstores and check them out.

K - that's the point about the situation at Bucknell, and with somebody like Bill Bennett. Freedom of speech cuts both ways too, and nothing bothers me more than one side standing up for rights it believes in but not for those it doesn't. It bugs me.

Hi Gary. I have nothing but time (because I am such a bad father), so I'll have to check you out. And Commies and porn, Roxy - there's nothing better! It would probably be all humorless and in black and white, though - those Commies take themselves so seriously!

2/10/05 9:36 AM  
Blogger Thomas said...

Greg, are you looking foward to "The Black Dahlia" from Brian De Palma?

2/10/05 11:40 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

I didn't know that De Palma was doing that, Thomas. If it's "good" De Palma, I like it, because he's a cool director and usually is interesting. If it's "bad" De Palma (like Femme Fatale), at least it will still be interesting.

2/10/05 1:13 PM  
Blogger Chris Sims said...

Yikes, down to one link this week. I must be slipping.

2/10/05 7:40 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Sorry, Chris. You just had a really good week last week.

2/10/05 8:32 PM  
Blogger Krys said...

If you think the conservative kids book is humorous, read some of the customer reviews... this one was my favorite:

"Reviewer: independent - See all my reviews
It is a funny book, and yes, I've read it. But I was disappointed to find it's missing the "after word." The part that tells about how these kids couldn't make drinkable lemonade because the water in their homes down stream on the Hudson has too much mercury from upstream plants that bought a free pass under the Clean Water Act; that there was no sidewalk on which to place their lemonade stand because there wasn't enough tax money in their community to build sidewalks; or how they needed a caluclator to add up fifteen cent glasses because their schools were failing and they couldn't do basic math; or how these boys really needed to raise money selling lemondade to buy basic supplies for their schools, or because, at the tender age of 8, they had to start a nest egg for themselves becuase when they grow up the borrow-and-spend conservative leadership of today will have burdened their adulthood with trillions in national debt left to them to pay off. Maybe there's a sequel here --"Mommy, There are Conservatives Under My Bed (And They Made Me Pray Before I Tucked In)"

3/10/05 2:27 PM  

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