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Check out the lack of fear in my football predictions!

Roger seems like a nice guy, and he often links to my blog, which is cool, but this week he said I didn't know what I was talking about with my football predictions. That hurt, Roger, it really hurt. I cried. Buckets. See how fragile my self-esteem is?

Anyway, last week I was 9-5 in my predictions. Yay me! That makes me 23-23 this year - I'm at .500! Look out, baby. ESPN will be calling soon!

So let's look at this week's slate of games, shall we? The home team, as usual, is in caps.

San Francisco (+2) 27, Arizona 17. No home team because it's in Mexico City. That counts as a road game for the Cardinals (technically they're at home)! Never pick the Cardinals on the road! NEVER! Anyway, the 49ers have looked better this year than Arizona.
NEW ENGLAND (-5.5) 24, San Diego 20. I want to pick the Chargers in this game. I really do. But it's in Foxboro, and even though the Patriots are hurting, I think they find a way to win this game.
JACKSONVILLE (-4) 20, Denver 14. The Jaguars are a better team. We'll see if they play up to it. Denver did beat Kansas City, but that was at home on Monday night. Jake Plummer is just not that good.
CINCINNATI (-9.5) 35, Houston 10. This looks like a total mismatch, especially because the game is in Cincy. Houston just doesn't have anything going on. Of course, the Bengals will lose now, because everyone thinks they're great.
Indianapolis (-7) 20, TENNESSEE 7. Manning gets a little bit hot, and the Titans have nothing. The Colts are looking better and better, and this is a good outdoor game for them to win.
KANSAS CITY (-1.5) 27, Philadelphia 21. This kills me, because I'm a total homer, but it's in Kansas City, and McNabb is really hurt. He has a sports hernia, but he's going to play through the pain. Of course, Reid won't take any pressure off of him by, you know, running the damned ball! I will be rooting for the Eagles, but I think they lose this one.
TAMPA (-6.5) 24, Detroit 13. Boy, Tampa looks pretty good. The Lions go on the road, which is pretty scary, just like the Cardinals. Don't pick the Lions on the road!
St. Louis (+3) 28, NEW YORK GIANTS 17. The Rams are on turf, so that doesn't matter, and the Giants aren't as good as their first two weeks looked. If Mike Martz doesn't do anything insane (which, to be honest, he usually does), the Rams win relatively easily.
NEW ORLEANS 27, Buffalo 17 (no line). The Saints' first "home" game in San Antonio, and although I don't think the Saints will do much in their Texas home games, I think talent and emotion carry them through this one. And Losman just hasn't been impressive yet, although he should get better.
WASHINGTON (-2) 17, Seattle 14. The Seahawks are better, but for some reason, they suck on the road. Washington's defense carries them through, barely.
BALTIMORE (-7) 13, New York Jets 6. This game should set back NFL offensive schemes about 100 years. It will answer the question: Can two teams play each other without quarterbacks? The two teams should just direct-snap to Jamal Lewis and Curtis Martin every single time. As they said on ESPN this week, first team to two points wins!
ATLANTA (-6) 30, Minnesota 23. The Vikings had a nice win last week, but they're not back yet. The Falcons at home are tough. I'm rooting for Minnesota, but I don't think they're going to find a way.
OAKLAND (-3) 24, Dallas 23. The Raiders can't keep losing these close games, can they? The Cowboys can't win two in a row in the Bay Area, can they? Oakland's run game can't keep sucking, can it? The answer to all of these is: No.
CAROLINA (-7.5) 16, Green Bay 10 (Monday Night). The Panthers are pissed after losing to the Dolphins, the Packers suck, and the Carolina defense comes through. Brett Favre goes to 0-4 and I continue to smile.

There you have it. Enjoy the games! In college, Minnesota goes to Penn State, and we see if JoePa's boys are really back, Michigan tries to slow down Michigan State, and USC comes to Tempe to play the Sun Devils! The last time a No. 1 team came to Tempe, it was September 1996, and the last "greatest team ever," Nebraska, got smacked down 19-0. I remember that game, because I watched it in a Mexican restaurant on the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway in Portland, and I loathe Nebraska, so watching them get shut out was sweet. Could the upset of the century happen again???


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I AM a nice guy, I AM, I AM! The real test will be weeks 13 and 14. If you get 19 right in those two weeks, I'll owe you a beer, or other liquid refreshment.

1/10/05 4:42 AM  

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