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More pictures from Australia means we're going to Brisbane!

After I spent a day in Sydney, I took the train north to Brisbane in Queensland. It is a pretty neat city. I went to a music store and bought a tape by the Belladonnas, who are a nice little band that I've never heard of since. I went to a comic book store but didn't buy anything. I saw Alien³, which I liked a lot more than almost everyone, and I wandered around the town. Sounds fun, doesn't it? I also took pictures, which I will now share with you. Aren't I generous?

This first picture is a mural that was painted on a wall. Just like that. More cities need to have cool art like this. If you're blue, you can stroll by the crab and think, "Well, I'm depressed, but that's a nice-looking crab." See?

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This is ANZAC Park in the middle of the city. ANZAC stands for "Australia and New Zealand Army Corps." The ANZACs were the army guys who went to Gallipoli during World War I and got butchered. ANZAC Day is 25 April. It's a huge holiday in Australia and New Zealand.

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This is Brisbane's art museum. I just thought it was a neat building.

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The Brisbane River, unsurprisingly, flows through Brisbane. On the south bank of the river is a very nice park. The day I was there they were having a kite-flying competition. It was all very Norman Rockwell. This is the park.

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This is a paddle steamer. I just thought it was a nice boat. There's no other significance.

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That's it for this week. After I left Brisbane I went back to Victoria for a while and stayed with my girlfriend's family for a while. She lived on a farm on the Murray River, and it wasn't terribly exciting. I may or may not post pictures from that time. Or I'll skip right to New Zealand. We'll see.


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