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Uncanny football predictions!

"Uncanny" in the sense that they're so bad. Last week I once again went 7-9, because the Cowboys somehow thought football games were only 55 minutes long. See why I hate the Cowboys? So now I'm 14-18 for the year. Of course, it's no better (or worse) than experts on ESPN do, so I don't feel too much shame. I haven't even come close to a final score, but that's okay - those are only for fun.

This week:

SEATTLE (-6.5) 27, Arizona 13. The Cardinals can't win on the road. Period.
ST. LOUIS (-6.5) 30, Tennessee 10. Last week's Titans win was an illusion. A bit of legerdemain, if you prefer.
PHILADELPHIA (-8.5) 31, Oakland 16. Randy Moss didn't do particularly well against the Beagles in Minnesota, so why would he now?
CHICAGO (+3) 21, Cincinnati 18. This is a tough game. The Bengals have been lighting it up, but the Bears D is tough. I give the edge to the home team.
NEW YORK JETS (-2.5) 23, Jacksonville 13. If Leftwich isn't banged up, I'd probably go with the Jaguars. And it's in New Jersey. Edge to the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.
MINNESOTA (-4) 24, New Orleans 13. The Vikings have to win eventually, right? The road grind has already begun to catch up with the Saints, and it will get them again.
MIAMI (+3) 19, Carolina 14. Another home underdog! The Panthers are coming off that emotional win over the Patriots, and Miami is tough at home.
INDIANAPOLIS (-13.5) 28, Cleveland 20. If I were a betting man, I'd take the Browns to cover. Two touchdowns is a lot, especially because Manning hasn't gotten on track yet. Of course, if he finds his groove this weekend, this could get ugly. Are the Browns for real?
BUFFALO (-2.5) 17, Atlanta 12. The Bills defense keeps Vick in check, plus he's banged up. The offense finds just enough to win.
Tampa (-3.5) 24, GREEN BAY 10. Finally, I pick a road team! I just haven't seen anything I've liked from the Packers yet. The Buccaneers are simply better, and the field isn't frozen yet.
PITTSBURGH (-3) 20, New England 17. This is a tough game. I like the Steelers simply because it's in Pittsburgh. Two very good teams, almost evenly matched.
Dallas (-6.5) 27, SAN FRANCISCO 7. After last week's collapse, no way Parcells allows the Cowboys to lose this game. The 49ers look like a Division II college team.
SAN DIEGO (-6) 21, New York Giants 12. This is a weird game. The Chargers are probably the best 0-2 team in the league, while you could argue that the Giants are the worst 2-0 team. New York comes off an emotional Monday night game and flies across the country. Tough to do.
Kansas City (+3) 26, DENVER 16 (Monday Night). I know the Chiefs haven't won in Denver since 2000, but they're clearly better than the Broncos. It hasn't helped them in the past, I know, but I still think they're going to win. Another game that is really tough to call.

And hey, if you think you're so smart, you can check out Unabated Sports and chime in on which team you are CERTAIN is going to win this weekend. In Week One I picked the Rams over the 49ers. Yeah, that worked well.

Comments? Football fanatics? Anyone want to chuckle over my obvious lack of pigskin knowledge?


Blogger Woody! said...

Glad to see you're on board for another round of King of the Hill. Sorry to hear you think the Bengals are gonna lose. Then again, with your track record, maybe I'm glad you picked them to lose. :)

23/9/05 8:39 PM  
Blogger Disintegrating Clone said...

I've got this strange feeling the Bengals are going to the Superbowl. Which, as a Browns fan, isn't something I want to be feeling (though better them than Ratbirds or Stoolers).

23/9/05 11:34 PM  

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