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Sydney, jewel of New South Wales!

In June 1992 my study abroad term in Melbourne ended, but I had some time to travel before I flew back to the States. I got a rail pass and was planning on going far up the east coast, but it turned out I didn't have a lot of money, and I ended up only going to Sydney and Brisbane. That was fine, though, because I got to see at least those places. I spent a long day in Sydney (I had no place to stay, and my lack of funds meant I was sleeping on the train), and simply wandered around. It's a beautiful city - I didn't like it as much as Melbourne, because Melbourne is more like the kind of city I like, but it was still very nice. I took a bunch of pictures, and here are the best ones:

The first is the downtown area (Central Business District, or CBD, in the vernacular) and the world-famous Circular Quay, as sung about in the excellent tune "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda."

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I wonder what this is? Yes, it's the Sydney Opera House, designed by Jorn Utzon. It's as cool as you think it is.

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This is the opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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Here's a nice shot of downtown, taken from the Botanical Gardens. I was up in the tower on the left (I can't remember what it's called) and took some pictures from it. They didn't come out very well, so you don't get to see them. Too bad!

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This is a cool dandelion fountain in King's Cross, which is pretty much the red light district in Sydney. As I did not spend a night in Sydney, I can't say what it is like. Hookers and alcohol, I would imagine.

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Look closely. It's the bus route to HELL! You get on the bus, and Satan himself is driving!

(If you can't read it, click it to enlarge. It's groovy!) Posted by Picasa

That's all for now. Next week I take Brisbane by storm!


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