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More guaranteed football predictions!

No links this weekend. I took the week off from surfing. Surprisingly enough, I missed it. So I may be back next week. We'll see.

Okay, so last week I went 7-9. Boo! Stupid Eagles. I still think they're going to the Super Bowl, but not if they don't run the goddamned ball! And I always have the same problem with Donovan McNabb, at least for the past couple years: he has to run the ball just a little more. I don't want him to run like he did when he first got in the league, but occasionally would be nice, especially when his team needs a spark. It's like he wants to prove so badly that he doesn't need to do it that he hurts the team. Blech.

Well, let's check out this week's games. I have a week under my belt, so I'll be much better. This time, you can take my predictions to the bank! Home teams in capitals.

St. Louis (+1) 28, ARIZONA 24. I know the Rams lost last week, but the Cardinals are favored? That's just weird. I hope Arizona wins, but I don't think they're going to.
Baltimore (-3.5) 15, TENNESSEE 10. What a crap game this should be. Baltimore wins by attrition.
Pittsburgh (no line) 27, HOUSTON 14. There's no line because Roethlisberger might not play. Even if he doesn't, the Steelers win relatively easily.
Jacksonville (+9) 30, INDIANAPOLIS 28. The Jaguars beat the Colts in Indy last year, so why not again? This is the second biggest spread of the weekend, which mystifies me. I'm not quite sold yet on the Colts' defense.
Detroit (-1.5) 20, CHICAGO 10. The Bears have a good defense, but not a good offense. How will they score?
CINCINNATI (-3) 35, Minnesota 24. This is a tough pick. Who knows which Vikings team is going to show up. If Culpepper gets his head out of his ass, this could easily go the other way quickly.
PHILADELPHIA (-13) 28, San Francisco 10. I don't think the Eagles are going to be firing on all cylinders, but they will not allow the 49ers to beat them. The defense is fine, at least, and San Fran does not have a great offense.
TAMPA (-2.5) 19, Buffalo 14. J.P. Losman meets a real defense, in the humidity of south Florida. I don't like the Buccaneers, but I have to pick them.
New England (-3) 27, CAROLINA 17. Stupid Panthers. I knew in my gut they were overrated, but I thought emotion could take the Saints only so far. It took them to a win, as it turns out. Stupid Panthers. The Patriots won't lose to them.
SEATTLE (-1) 17, Atlanta 13. That cross-country trip after a Monday night game is tough, and the Falcons offense, at least, did not impress me on Monday. They are way too erratic, and that makes it tough to win on the road against a decent team.
Miami (+6) 23, NEW YORK JETS 14. Why the hell not? Did the Jets give any indication they could win a football game last week?
GREEN BAY (-6.5) 28, Cleveland 23. The Packers win because they're more talented and the game is at home, but the Browns give them a dogfight. The Pack is on the serious decline.
San Diego (+3) 31, DENVER 21. How is Denver favored in this game? Just because it's at home? How stupid is that? The Superchargers get Antonio Gates back and they use him early and often.
Kansas City (-1.5) 38, OAKLAND 28. I'm still not sold on the Chiefs' defense, but I do know the Raiders' defense is bad. KC outscores the Randy Moss show.
New Orleans (+3) 26, NEW YORK GIANTS 24 (Monday Night). The Saints are more talented than the Giants, and they ride the emotion one more week. Then the grind starts to get them.
DALLAS (-6) 20, Washington 13 (Monday Night). The Redskins have no offense. The Cowboys have just enough. This will be the poorest-rated Monday Night game in history, I think. Everyone will be watching the Saints game.

Empty your piggy banks! I'm telling you, these picks are all correct!


Blogger Woody! said...

I'm surprised you're not pissed at the Rams, too. :)

Hopefully, the Bengals will live up to your confidence and beat the Vikes!

17/9/05 10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't go into business predicting games for money. Wow, you couldn't have been more wrong in oh so many ways!

18/9/05 6:52 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Well, after Sunday's games, I'm 7-7 (I don't take my scores seriously), so I'm not THAT wrong. The scores are just for fun.

18/9/05 9:07 PM  
Anonymous Mike Loughlin said...

"stupid Panthers" is right. How could the Pats look so bewildered? How could Brady get so frustrated? How could they commit 12 blanketty-blanking penalties? Grr...

At least there's next week. Hopefully, the Pats will be pissed enough to beat the Steelers.

19/9/05 5:47 AM  

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