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Floss for Commies

I don't like to floss, but I like my teeth more, so I do it sporadically. Because I only do it sporadically, I often find myself without floss, so I have to use Krys's floss. She uses that woven crap with minty flavor. I use the manly single strand that is unflavored. I hate the woven crap. You know who uses woven floss? Commies. Girly Commies. If you use the woven crap instead of the manly single strand, you know who wins? The terrorists. Thank you for your attention.


Blogger Krys said...

It takes a real man (or woman, I suppose) to use the unwaxed, thick woven stuff.

Thin waxy floss is for sissies!

6/10/05 11:30 AM  
Blogger Roxy said...

Woman definitely. Girl power with the floss Krys!

6/10/05 9:46 PM  

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