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Poor, persecuted large-breasted women now have hope

You know, we should all pity women with ample bosoms. I mean, they never get any attention from men, they can never find clothing that fits, instead having to get shirts that cause their breasts to almost pop out at any occasion, and they never catch a break from Johnny Law. Until last week, that is!

In case you missed it, Serena Kozakura, a Japanese pin-up model, appealed a conviction against her for willful destruction of property. The court originally convicted her, but the Tokyo High Court overturned it, thanks to the fact that her breasts were too big! Yes, Miss Kozakura was supposed to have crawled through a hole in a door that was smaller than her 44-inch bust could accommodate. Voila! Conviction overturned! Of course, because we're interested in justice around this here blog, we give you photographic evidence of Serena's "alibis":

This is a press conference/news report about the story. It's almost 5 minutes long and entirely in Japanese, but about 4 minutes in or so, we see Serena recreating the actual "crime," including showing us how big the hole was through which she was supposed to have crawled! Consider that the Japanese news spent almost 5 minutes on this story! And people say the American news covers worthless things!

I'm glad that large-breasted women everywhere can take some hope from the ordeal of Serena Kozakura. Maybe now they can finally start to get some attention from the men of this world! I can only imagine how this appeal ended:

Serena (coquettishly): "I couldn't have done it, Your Honor! Not ... with these!" (Dramatically rips open blouse, shooting buttons across the room)
Judge (leering): "Case dismissed! And for that shocking breach of etiquette, I'll see you in my chambers, Miss Kozakura!"

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Anonymous beta ray steve said...

This story cannot end until there's a made-for-TV movie about it.
Or a made-for-pornography movie.

13/3/08 5:37 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

That's true - it is, after all, so very inspirational! It could be on Lifetime!

14/3/08 7:01 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

You guys can be so mean!!

14/3/08 7:15 PM  
Anonymous accident at work said...

what a lot of men fail to realise is that carrying such sizeable assets all their lives makes these women prone to spinal injury

27/3/08 6:13 AM  

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