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Autumn returns to Picture Day

October of 2000 saw us hiking in the Columbia River Gorge once more. It was the thing to do! I'm not sure along which trail these pictures were taken, but they show how nifty Oregon is in the fall.

I love this picture of Krys sitting by the waterfall. She looks so happy. Maybe she had forgotten that she was married to me!

This is Stanich's, a burger joint right outside of downtown Portland. That's me on the far left (ah, I was svelte back in the day!), my boss Patti, Brian, and Kirk. Kirk and I are wearing Washington gear because they had played the Eagles the previous week and lost, and the standing bet around our office was that the loser had to wear the winner's stuff. The other part of the bet was that we had to eat wherever Brian wanted, and he picked Stanich's. The restaurant is a bit of a Portland institution, but I had never been there. The bet was that we had to eat a hamburger with everything on it. I like my burgers with only ketchup and cheese, so this was annoying. Burgers at Stanich's are gigantic and packed with fixin's, and they give you tiny napkins, which is annoying. They're also difficult to eat because they're so big, so it's best not to even put them down, because they might fall apart. So I had to eat a gigantic burger, and it wasn't all that great. It was okay, but I have no idea why people love this place so much. Oh well. I miss football bets like we used to have. They were fun.

In celebration of our new cats (more on them soon!), I thought I'd add a picture of our deceased cats. They liked climbing up on top of the cabinets in our kitchen. I miss our kitties.

Well, that's another batch of pictures for you. Next week: into the hive of thieves! Don't miss it!

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