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Picture Day, not unlike Busch beer, heads to the mountains!

In August 2000 Krys's younger sister came to visit us again. This time we went up to Mount Hood for a fun day at the various summer activities they have up there. And, of course, I took my camera!

Here's Krys and Shauna on the chair lift. We were heading up to slide down on the Alpine Slide. See below!

Here's a nice shot of Mt. Hood itself without much snow on it. We were on a separate part of the bigger resort, hence the ability to see the big mountain when I just claimed we went up to Mt. Hood.

This is an action shot going down the slide. It's quite fun, even though there are a few places you can almost come to a stop. That's no good!

This is me, bungee jumping. Krys and Shauna had never done it, but they enjoyed it immensely. I didn't like it as much as when I jumped in New Zealand, because the drop wasn't as high and the fact that you're secured around the waist rather than around your ankles means you bounce in a much more controlled way, which is probably safer but not as much fun. Still, it was very cool. If you haven't bungee jumped yet, you're missing out.

They had this thing, which is a big Velcro wall and against which you jump while wearing that weird looking suit, which is also Velcro. And thus you stick to the wall! It's an odd experience, but pretty neat.

Here are Krys and Shauna modeling their outfits.

This is me in the batting cage. Look at that form! I could have been a major leaguer, I tells ya. It's all politics, man, and I wouldn't play their games!

A few days later, after Shauna had left, Krys and I went out with my friend Charlotte. She was moving away from Portland, so we went out drinking one last time. Charlotte is way cool, and I haven't seen her since then, although we still communicate via e-mail. She's in England now, living near Hastings, which makes me ridiculously envious. She's on Facebook these days, which is nice, because I can say hello more easily.

Another week of pictures in the books. Remember: bungee jumping = awesome. Try it!

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