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Some final thoughts on the Super Bowl

Justin Tuck should have been the MVP. I assume they let the fans vote, which is stupid. Why don't they let people who actually watch the game vote, instead of letting people who are sitting around eating nachos and drinking beer vote for the glamor position. Justin Tuck: two sacks, one forced fumble, part of the Giants' four-man defensive line that put a ton of pressure on Tom Brady. Eli Manning? Please. One great play, and one excellent read of the defense on the game-winning touchdown. That's not an MVP.

Bill Belichick is kind of a tool, isn't he? The refs tried to tell him that they needed to run one more play, but he pushed them out of the way and ran off the field, leaving his team behind. I always knew he was kind of a sore loser, but he really proved it yesterday. Jerk.

Steve Spagnuolo, the Giants' defensive coordinator, learned how to coach defense from Jim Johnson, the Eagles' defensive coordinator. I just needed to point that out, to take some solace from Philadelphia's sorrows.

On that early long pass to Amani Toomer, why wasn't offensive pass interference called? Toomer clearly shoved the defender in the face mask to get separation, and two officials were watching the play. What the crap? Usually the Cheaters get all the calls, but that one went totally the Giants' way.

Why was Belichick allowed to challenge the fact that the refs didn't call the penalty when the Giants had 12 men on the field on that punt? No call was made, so you're allowed to challenge that? Does that mean if you believe a penalty has been committed, you can throw the challenge flag and they can call one? Earlier in the playoffs, David Garrard picked up a fourth-and-one against the Steelers when an offensive lineman clearly held. Could Mike Tomlin have thrown a flag on that, and the refs could have retroactively called a penalty? How is Belichick's challenge flag allowed?

David Tyree's catch has to be one of the top three or four in Super Bowl history. Lynn Swann's catch is probably still #1, but this was a great one.

I mentioned this in the comments to the previous post, but I have no idea why the roof was closed. It was a decent day here on Sunday, and I don't think rain was in the forecast. It's been chilly here all week, but it's still not that cold, and apparently, the humidity that wore the Giants out toward the end is a common problem at the UPS. The field completely rolls out of the stadium (it's pretty cool, actually), and water does get in there and stay there, causing the humidity when the temperature goes up. It's dumb to close the roof, because what's the point of having an outdoor Super Bowl anymore? The teams should play in some elements, after all, even it's just a bit of chill.

When does the regular season start?

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Blogger Roger Green said...

WOW. I just this morning wrote to a sports columnist that Justin Tuck should have been MVP. So, obviously, we're right.

Right about the roof, too.

I figure that 12 man call (which didn't end up hurting the Giants) and the Toomer pushoff sort of evened out cosmicly.

5/2/08 10:17 AM  
Blogger Woody! said...

Buck said there was rain in the forecast and that it was chilly. Are you calling him a liar?

Roger is right, that 12th man penalty actually helped them gain about 15-20 yards.

Tuck had a great first half but it always seems like MVP voting is swayed by late performances in a close Super Bowl.

5/2/08 9:41 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I get ALL my weather info from Joe Buck!

Hell, I don't know - maybe rain WAS in the forecast. As I just posted, we got a lot of rain here Monday, so maybe they just miscalculated. Still, football in the rain is awesome.

I know the 12th man penalty didn't lead to a score, I'm just wondering why it was challengeable. It's odd.

You're right about who gets the MVP, of course. That doesn't mean it's the correct call!

5/2/08 9:57 PM  
Anonymous beta ray steve said...

I don't understand why the refs needed to get off that last play. If the defense isn't on the the field couldn't they A.Let the Giants snap the ball & let the time run out or B. Assess a delay-of-game penalty to one or both teams? Forcing both teams back onto the field looked stupid.

6/2/08 6:22 PM  

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