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Picture Day shows us that not all of Greg's photographs are exotic and glamorous!

Yes, it's true. These batch of pictures are somewhat dull. In June 2000 we moved into a rented house on the East side of Portland. We had always lived on the West side in apartments, so this was quite the interesting change. The house was tiny, but we loved it, as it had nice hardwood floors, a keen yard, and was in a wonderful neighborhood. I wouldn't trade my kids or even my experiences here in Hell for anything, but that year in the house was a highlight of our marriage, because we were close to a lot of cool places along Milwaukie Avenue, and we could take long walks around the neighborhood (we can here, obviously, but the houses aren't as interesting), and we could spend a lot of time in the backyard. Plus, I hardly ever drove my car, because I could easily take public transportation downtown, so during the week I didn't drive, and on the weekends, we usually drove Krys's company car. Good times in Eastmoreland! So here are some pictures of the house and the environs.

Here's the front of the house. We lived at 7635 SE 21st Avenue (and damn, that Google maps in seriously cool - check it out), in case you ever want to drive by and check it out. It wasn't very big at all, but it had a lot of charm.

This is the living room. Krys dug it because of the fireplace, the built-in bookcases (Krys loves built-ins) and the hardwood floors (Krys also loves hardwood floors).

This is the back of the house. We had a nice yard and a nice little deck.

Here's a poor view of the kitchen but a better view of the truly perilous staircase leading to the second floor. Nobody ever fell down it, but we feared we would. The only bathroom was downstairs and we slept upstairs, so if we ever needed to pee in the middle of the night, navigating our way downstairs was quite the journey.

Here's a view south on our street. Such a Norman Rockwell neighborhood!

Here's Krys walking the cat. Yes, Zoe is on a leash. When we moved into a new place (which we did often for a few years around that time), we would take Zoe out so she could get a good sense of the area. Hence the leash. She didn't mind it that much, even though she didn't like it. Smokey was an indoor cat, so he didn't get taken around on a leash.

Zoe and Smokey loved the house. It got lots of sunlight. They liked napping in it. I miss our kitties.

So that's our house. No, those pictures weren't very exciting. They can't all be, can they? I mean, our life isn't that crazy all the time!

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