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My one thought about the Academy Awards (with possible spoilers)

I saw only one film that was nominated for an Oscar this year, and that was No Country For Old Men. While it's a brilliant movie and I can't really argue with its awards, I will point out one thing that makes me think it's not as good as everyone says: The only reason Javier Bardem finds out about Josh Brolin (well, not Bardem, but his employers) is because Brolin goes back to the massacre site at least six hours later to take water to a guy whose guts had almost completely leaked out of his body the first time he saw him. Did Brolin really think the guy would still be alive? It's this act of monumental stupidity that alerts the bad guys to his presence. That and the fact that he should have taken the money out of the bag immediately, which is what any smart person would have done. Even though I loved the movie, all through it I kept wondering how someone as smart as Brolin proves himself to be could be that stupid. A guy I know who saw it says it was because of his sense of honor, but really - he was a soldier, so even if he made the guy a promise, he should have known that the guy was going to die real soon. Maybe if he had gone back immediately I would have bought it, but he waited quite a while. If something like this happens in a whimsical romantic comedy (not the exact situation, of course, because I doubt if there are many drug-related massacres in many whimsical romantic comedies, but I mean the absence of logic in the characters' actions), we call bullshit. Why does a serious movie get away with it?

That is all. It's still an unbelievably excellent movie. I wouldn't say it's really enjoyable, because it's so bleak, but it's riveting. I'm still dying to see There Will Be Blood, even though I hear it's even bleaker. That's how I like my movies, consarnit!

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