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Racism ... in South Carolina? Really?

Here's an article about a minister protesting a "redneck shop" in South Carolina (it's actually called "The Redneck Shop"!) because it sells KKK robes and T-shirts with racial slurs printed on them. The minister actually owns the building in which the store is located, but an agreement allows the owner of the shop to stay there until he dies.

I'm not going to get into the property battle, but I will say that it's really amazing that people like the shop owner not only still exist, but are proud of being racist. I mean, I know racists still exist (even though it's rather depressing), but to be so happy that you're a racist is kind of disheartening. The owner of the store says he was once Grand Dragon of the KKK in the Carolinas. Sheesh.

I don't think anyone should deliberately shut him down. This is America, after all. What we should do is ridicule him ceaselessly. What an idiot.

It's 2008, for crying out loud. I'm sad that this kind of thing is still prevalent in this country. I'm certainly glad that, according to many Republicans, there's absolutely no racism in America and black people should just shut up. Yeah, they're right. Come on, all you African-Americans - put on a KKK robe and lighten up! It's only a lynching! They're nothing but fun!

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Blogger Roger Green said...

I'm sort of glad those things are still out there. That more subtle form of racism can be so hard to prove, but when you have something that blatant, it just warms the heart.

12/3/08 6:18 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I totally get that, sir, but that this kind of racism is still out there remains astonishing.

13/3/08 7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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14/3/08 7:25 PM  

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