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Who can roll with Greg?

Well, pretty much anyone can roll with me - I'm inclusive! But if you're interested, here are the answers to my quiz (see below).

1. b. Glenfiddich is great Scotch. There are other good ones, but Glenfiddich is fabulous. I just had some last night. Anonymous said I would drink Hamm's. Arrrgggghhh!

2. d. I've never been to Provincetown, although I have visited a gay bar. Guess what? It's just like a straight bar, except fewer women. I have never been to a strip club. Yes, it's strange, but true. I have never been to a monster truck rally. I doubt if I'd like it. I LOVE Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It rules. I found out recently that Saint Dimas (of "San Dimas High School Football Rules!") is the patron saint of thieves. Interesting.

3. b. I don't get Orlando Bloom. I like Ernie Kovacs, but he's not terribly dreamy. I have spoken before of my man-crush on Brad Pitt, if you were reading back then (two weeks ago - so long in the past!).

4. a or d. I would like to think that the party comes to us, but I'd be lying if I said it. For years I have loved the 1974 Pantera. What an awesome automobile.

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5. d. King of Siam is just a brief stopover on my way to complete domination of the world. No one would ever suspect the King of Siam! Especially because Siam doesn't exist anymore!

6. d. Some call me Bungie, but most of the time, it's like I never existed. Like I've been excised from the continuum! Oh, the horror! As you can tell, I have loser friends. That's why I need people to roll with!¹

7. d. This was too easy. I think my eyes would bleed if I watched any of the other shows.

8. a. This was an impromptu geography quiz as well. If you didn't know that Melbourne is the only Australian city as a choice, for shame, ugly American! You will be pummeled with globes thrown by angry foreigners as a punishment.

9. b. Hey, we've all been drunk once, right? I never have actually gotten my head stuck in a toilet, but I have been helped up from the toilet by friends before. It's part of the reason why I don't drink Jägermeister anymore.

10. d. Please don't say any of those things to me, even if I'm from Philadelphia and may cut you some slack if you say "a." Still, have some dignity!

My old pal John gets points for mentioning felching and Infectious Grooves, Anonymous got 8 right and can roll with me anytime, although (s)he's anonymous, so I could already be rolling with him (her), who knows? Gordon got 7 right, which means he can roll with me, and Nick and Matthew are so esoteric they can join in. Thanks to everyone for helping me find new homies!

¹ I'm totally kidding. I have awesome friends. Guys, you still there? Ladies? Hello?


Blogger layne said...

Argh! I'm too late! Well, I don't roll anyway...Hmph! (Actually, mother won't let me roll, but that's not germane...)

Anyhow, I noticed you were doing the footnotes thang again, and it reminded me of this.

Pretty swank, no?

17/7/05 7:32 PM  
Blogger john sweet said...

Wooo-hooo!!! I can roll with Greg. Oh, and by the way to anyone who has paid even scant attention to Greg's mentioning of cult icons in the past... I am NOT the "John" who introduced G.G. Alin to Greg. He was not really anyone I cared for. Now, I might have, in passing, spoke with Greg concerning one Jello Biafra.

Anywho... roll on there, big daddy Bungie felcher. 10-4 roger and have some single malt whiskey for moi.


Uncle Monster

18/7/05 2:35 PM  
Anonymous Luciano Lamour said...

Sorry for omitting to sign - I posted the above.

29/12/05 10:16 AM  

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