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Olde-timey daguerreotypes!

I wished we still called them daguerreotypes. I can, I suppose! I spit in the face of your modern contrivances!

Anyway, it's picture day here on the blog, because on Monday I like to keep things simple. These pictures are from my four-day journey to Tasmania in March of 1992 while I was studying abroad in Melbourne. This was about when I maxed out my credit card and my mother (who was paying the bill - thanks, Mom!) told me to stop taking four-day journeys to places like Tasmania. Taz in four days is hard, let me tell you, but it was worth it.

Here's a map! Posted by Picasa Okay, it's not the greatest map, but it may help you as we go around the isle!

First, we have Greg leaving Melbourne. Posted by Picasa What a nice skyline. Those are my bitches, by the way - I traveled with them. That's Theresa, Monica, and Lisa, from left to right. I nailed all three of them - at the same time. Oh, come on, that's not true! Don't leave! They were all very cool chicks from the States. Theresa was from Jersey, Monica from Long Island, and Lisa from Seattle. Later on that term, during our break (when my parents were visiting, so I couldn't go), they went to Alice Springs and turned their car over. It's like a movie with Breckin Meyer!

One of our photo ops along the way. Posted by Picasa We landed in Devenport (see the map - I told you!) and we went south and west. This was along the road. Check out the hair on that stud!

This is a wallaby, not a kangaroo. Posted by Picasa Yeah, I don't know the difference either. Since this little fella had no idea who is natural enemies were, we killed him and had him for dinner. Oh, not really! Wild wallaby is far too gamey - that's why you get 'em at the market! This was in Cradle Mountain National Park, a beautiful place of which I got not-very-beautiful pictures. Hence the lack of them here.

This is in MacQuarrie Harbor, on the west coast of the island. Posted by Picasa We're heading up the Gordon River, and eventually we'll check out Sarah Island, one of the old penitentiaries in Australia. But that's for the next picture day!

I strongly encourage you to visit Tasmania. It's a gorgeous place.


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, OK. I came here yesterday and saw JUST the map of Tasmania (which I had to click on), and I said...well, never mind.

12/7/05 2:47 AM  
Anonymous The Eyeball Kid said...

So you're desperate to touch the 'map o' Tazzie', eh?

I love Tasmania! I was there for a week a few years back and it was a blast. So much beautiful countryside, so many incredible parks to visit. Cradle mountain was great, as I recall. That was where I had my first leech, yay!

12/7/05 6:16 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, Roger, I dare not do anything with Blogger Images, so I load pictures using Hello. It shows up on the blog as a separate post for a bit, then I copy the code into the other post and delete it. So for a few minutes, Tasmania was the only thing there. You weren't losing your mind or anything!

The adventure of the first leech - sounds disturbing.

12/7/05 6:32 AM  
Anonymous The Eyeball Kid said...

Well, little Mr. Leech was on my shoe, and he looked so lost, so I put him on my arm to see what would happen. And he crawled around a bit, like a little inchworm, until he made his way to between my pinky and ring finger. Then he settled in for a snack. I didn't feel the bite, but I was watching and I could see the change in his posture. He stayed attached for forty-five minutes, sucking in blood and pumping out the excess water to make room for the good stuff. He quadrupled in size and turned from black to a dark purple. Eventually he let go on his own, so I put him in the bushes. Even with constant pressure and holding my arm in the air, I still bled for three-and-a-half hours from the blood thinners. And there was a neat little mark too.

Yeah, I'm a parasitologist.

12/7/05 5:17 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

If they still called maps "daguerreotypes" then I think the number of map-makers would dramatically drop since who would want to be known as a daguerreotype-maker?

12/7/05 7:59 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

'Tis a fine story, Mr. Kid.

13/7/05 7:10 AM  
Anonymous Noble Mose said...

I''m familiar with this subject too

18/12/05 9:13 AM  

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