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Mike Tyson needs to shut up, plus it's Picture Day! (And some random stuff, because why the hell not?)

This is kind of a weird scattershot post, so bear with me.

For today's selection of a celebrity who needs to shut up, who else could it be? It has to be "Iron" Mike Tyson, who told Kevin McBride that he was going to "gut him like a fish" and then simply quit before the seventh round on Saturday night. Tyson is a freak of epic proportions, and no media outlet should ever pay any attention to him ever again. After the fight, he said he was quitting. If only we were so lucky, Mike. Wouldn't it be nice if Mike simply disappeared, only showing up occasionally to opine about how wonderful pigeons are?

Shut the hell up, Mike. And go away, while you're at it. Posted by Hello

Because it's Picture Day here at Delenda Est Carthago, I thought I'd blatantly link to my other blog, where brand spankin' new pictures of Mia are up! See the Demon Child in our van! See the Demon Child in her wheelchair and gait trainer! See us bathe the Demon Child (good clean fun, rest assured)! You know you want to, if only to cleanse your mind of all the naughty photos I showed yesterday!

Usually I'd wait until Sunday to do this, but I wanted to be the first to let you know that it's official: Tom Cruise has officially changed his name to Rasputin. Just ... ewww.

Mike Sterling said nice things about me (although he did call yesterday's post "not work safe" - the nerve!) and I ought to return the favor. If you're a comic book geek and you don't read his blog, you should be ashamed. Always excellent stuff. Right now he has really old drawings by Jim Starlin. Wild.

Mike also linked to this picture. It's awesome.

I stole this from Fred Hembeck's blog. It's under the 12 June entry, and I'm not sure if it's going to be there next week, so I thought I'd point it out now. If you want to know more about this cover, go there now! Posted by Hello

Speaking of comics stuff, my first column for Buzzscope is up here. If you want to know why you should own all nine issues of Automatic Kafka, go and read!

Moving on, I saw a letter to the editor in today's Arizona Republic, and thought it was so ... well, I'll just let you decide. Here it is, in its entirety, without any edits:

Marijuana is an un-Christian pleasure, therefore illegal. No matter how it helps a medical condition, the illicit pleasure it gives is not permitted. God is in control.

If you are sick and there is treatment that is not illicit and you can afford it, use it; that is what God intended.

However, no one is permitted to do anything illegal just because it makes them feel better or live longer.

Stealing food when you're starving to death is illegal.

So if you're dying and marijuana would help, go to church instead. Find your Mother Teresa for comfort and die.

Or do drugs, go to jail without comfort or marijuana, and die. This is a Christian nation. It's God rules. Quit complaining.

There is no indication this person is being facetious in any way. I would comment, but I think my head would explode with anger.

Okay, since I posted pictures over on Mia's blog and I finished a roll of film, I thought I would post some pictures here! Does anyone mind that I'm going a little silly posting pictures? I know Layne and Dave didn't mind the scantily-clad chicks in yesterday's post, but I'm just wondering. It's just that I'm kind of jazzed that I figured all this crap out (with a little help from Krys, of course, but it's a given that she's smarter than me).

First, our cats investigate our new fish. One fish has already died. Boo-hoo. Smokey's fur is growing back nicely, by the way. Posted by Hello

Remember how I always tell you how I don't like it here? And how you think I'm just full of crap? Well, here's where I live. This is probably fifteen minutes from my house. If it appeals to you, welcome to Arizona! Posted by Hello

Another view of the desert. This I can live with. It's that people seem to feel the need to smack a billboard on the mesa or something. (Is that a mesa? Maybe it's a bluff. Fucked if I know.) Posted by Hello

Hey, remember when I said all the houses look alike and you scoffed? Yeah, you do. You scoffed! Well, here's a typical suburban street in the greater Phoenix area. This is in Fountain Hills, one of the swankier neighborhoods in the area. People have money here, and yet they still want all their houses to look alike. Posted by Hello

More homes that look alike. Nice scene, though. At least in Fountain Hills the landscape isn't flat, so they have to sort of fit things into the hills. Posted by Hello

It's not really a golf course. I think it's a driving range. But this is the perfect Arizona scene. Desert surrounding a big green patch. Posted by Hello

Just for the fun of it, here's another olde-timey photo of Bourke Street in Melbourne on 22 March, 1992. Notice anything weird? It's the middle of the day and it's deserted. That's because it was a Sunday, when Melbourners apparently don't leave the house. No, Zombie Tom didn't make a clean sweep through the city. Posted by Hello

Finally, it's a olde-timey pinup. It will be a sad day when I can't add gratuitous cheesecake to my blog! Posted by Hello

I may have more substantial things to say eventually. Maybe not. You know me.


Blogger N said...

I'm sure that letter writer enjoys a drink after work now and then. Because, you know, alcohol is in the Bible and thus a Christian pleasure.

People like that should be sterilized, then euthanized. Just to be safe.

13/6/05 4:41 PM  
Blogger layne said...

Once again, T-Shirts lead the way. Free Katie!

How did you get Hello to post multiple pics in one post? I could never suss that out...and how do they get the Caramel into the Caramilk Bar?)

13/6/05 6:13 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Ah, grasshopper Layne, the mysteries of Hello are many and mysterious! Krys started me on the road to enlightenment, but I was the one who finished it. It's pretty easy, although somewhat annoying. First, you publish each picture. If you happened to stop by the blog this afternoon, before I was truly ready, you would have seen each picture under its own post - just like Hello intended! But if you go into each post (under the Edit Posts section), copy the code, paste it to the larger post that you're working on, then delete the previous post, all is well. When you originally publish the pictures, Hello asks you for a label. When you have the whole code, that label is still there, in the middle somewhere. Simply type whatever you want there, as much or as little as you like, and that's what will be on the post between the actual picture and the little Hello symbol. You don't have to type anything, really. Make sure you delete the posts, or you'll have the pictures up there twice. I'm having way too much fun with pictures these days. All clear?

13/6/05 6:24 PM  
Anonymous Mike Loughlin said...

Today's oxymoron, sponsored by some nut in Arizona: "Christian pleasure."

14/6/05 4:55 AM  
Blogger Astrid said...

Arizona looks pretty hot to me, but I guess "hot" is the right word for it, right?

14/6/05 3:22 PM  
Blogger Zombie_Tom said...

I could've eaten them all. I just don't like Australia. All those snakes scare me. I know, it's a city, not the Outback, but I bet there are still snakes hiding somewhere. In the toilet, probably.

14/6/05 9:30 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

"Hot" is too weak a word, Astrid. Trust me.

15/6/05 1:36 PM  

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