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By the way

I certainly didn't mean to insult anyone who reads this an actually enjoys living in Phoenix (if I insult someone, they know it). I don't like living here, but all that means is I may be stupid. Lots of people enjoy living here - it just passed Philadelphia as the sixth-biggest metropolitan area in the country (or is that the fifth?). More people like living here than Mike's beloved Boston or my beloved Philadelphia or Portland, so they must have a reason. I just see this as the future of America, and I don't really like it. The only really big issue I have with Phoenix that isn't completely subjective is the misguided use of water. The Chemist made the point about Southern California too - San Diego has been sucking the Salton Sea dry for years, and now all the communities on its edge are draining it; we're having water wars with Nevada because we both want to make the Colorado River into a muddy ditch, and no one seems to care. I just read that the level in Lake Powell is up a bit, so people will say, "See? We don't need no stinkin' water-use policy!" Other than the water problem, everything I don't like about Phoenix is about me. If you like it, you're welcome to it. But I would challenge anyone who comes here to say this isn't the future of America. As some of the commenters pointed out, it's not only Phoenix, but the Southwest - Tulsa, Dallas, Southern California. Which model are we following - Boston or Phoenix? That's all I meant. You may now resume your regularly scheduled life. I'll be back later.

(I haven't read the paper yet, so I don't know if a celebrity said anything stupid. I'll let you know.)


Anonymous Mike Loughlin said...

I can't argue with your assessment-everything regresses to the mean. People want contentment rather than stimulation, and chain stores, malls, similar housing, etc. provide that. I understand the need for comfort, but McMall areas make me uneasy.

Of course, I haven't seen most of the rest of the country, so my sweeping generalizations are undoubtably Northeastern prejudices...

9/6/05 11:49 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

"Regresses to the mean" - a good way to put it. It's the American Way!

9/6/05 1:49 PM  

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