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Some things I observed and learned this week

Okay, I'm back from traffic school. It sucked.

1. On Tuesday I went to the post office. There was this dude in line who had the absolute weirdest hair I have ever seen. He had a little curly hair on the head, and dreadlocks. Now, I hesitate to use the plural, because from the back of his head, a single dreadlock came down. If you put your hands in a circle without stretching out your fingers too much, that's how wide around it was. It went straight down his back, almost to his butt, and then separated into five (or six) little tendrils. It was totally bizarre.

2. I was driving along the road the other day, and I saw a billboard that said only this: "Enlightenment is on the way." It was followed by a small red star. I have no idea what the hell is was all about. I don't feel enlightened.

3. You cannot buy a money order at Safeway using a debit card (traffic school only takes money orders). But if you purchase something you can get cash back and use that. I bought a Powerball ticket for a dollar. Traffic school will be totally worth it if I win 13 million dollars.

4. Alice Cooper's "favorite song of all time" (a direct quote from him) is "Mickey" by Toni Basil. He said that on the air last night. I like his radio show, because he plays some good obscure classic rock, but come on, Alice! E-mail him and ask him what the hell he is thinking if that's his favorite song. He might not come to your house and introduce you to his nightmare.

Sorry for the light content. I have a wonderful post brewing in my mind, which should rear its controversial head early next week! Then will the vitriol fly!


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