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All kinds of Mixed Bag music goodness!

As I mentioned before, I participated in Chris Brown's Mixed Bag experiment, in which several bloggers exchanged CDs of music. More than one person has mentioned that mine's not "work-safe," so I must apologize for that. Well, I don't apologize for putting music with naughty language, but for not letting y'all know before you sat down with your boss and said, "Hey, that Prince sure is a good musician, and I happen to have one of his songs here. Let's play it!"

I have been busy listening to all my CDs for the past week, and I decided to put down some of my thoughts about each one. As I mentioned before, they're all cooler than mine. See if you don't agree!

Fred Hembeck's mix is the first one I listened to twice, so it's the first one I feel confident enough to talk about. It's a fun disc to listen to - most of the music is breezy and light, with nothing bringing you down. It also is probably the one that is most familiar to me - even though I don't own the music on it (except for a few), I know the songs and the bands and enjoy them. The highlights (for me) are:

Stampeders - Sweet City Woman. A fun song from a one-hit wonder, but just a nice, goofy love song. Nobody writes nice, goofy love songs anymore.
The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men. How can you not love this song? HOW!?!?!? It always reminds me of The Simpsons, when Moe says, "I'm taking your favorite song off the juke box!" and Homer says, "It's Raining Men!?" and Moe says, "Not no more it ain't," and then throws the record out the window, where it hits Smithers in the head, and makes him happy. God, what a great show The Simpsons is. What a cool song.
The Chiffons - One Fine Day. Old-school girl groups rule! Actually, new-school girl groups are pretty cool too.
The Reflections - (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet. I had heard this song before, but didn't realize how excellent it was. How can it be so excellent? It's so simple. Ahhh, that's the genius of it. I see, sensei.
ABBA - On and On and On. Come on, it's ABBA. That's why Fred is cool. He put an ABBA song on his mix! And not a standard, either, although that would still be fine. "So I took advantage of the fact that I'm a star, shook my hair and took a casual stroll up to the bar." Yee-hah!

Those are the highlights, but the rest of the disc is solid, too. I'm not the biggest Beach Boys fan, but All Summer Long is fine, and I can deal with the BBs in tiny quantities. My Sharona is a too-long song - shouldn't it be no more than two minutes? - I was always bothered by the kind-of creepiness about nailing young girls. I know, it was the '70s, and the music is fun, but still. You can't go wrong with the Beatles or Erasure, and although Morning Train isn't my favorite, its cheesiness wins my heart each time. Did Sheena Easton really sing this and "U Got the Look" with the Purple One? It's like they're completely different people. Steely Dan is another band I can only take in small quantities, and Bodhisattva is a good choice. All in all, this flows nicely, keeps everything humming, and ends with a SpongeBob SquarePants ditty. How can you not love it?

Excellent disc, Fred. Excellent. More to come!


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My god, I have a lot of reading to catch up on here lol. Just poked a pin in ya map :)

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