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Because I could not stop for links, they kindly stopped for me

Happy Mother's Day, everyone. If you're a mother, that is. Everyone else - Happy VE day! Remember when we could pinpoint when a war actually ended? The war in Iraq has been over for over a year - how's that working out, fellas?

What do we have today? I always try to keep these short, and especially today, because I have homework to do, but then I get into it, and ... but you guys like the links, and I have a public duty!

Blogs that are better than mine. (Yeah, I know - aren't they all?)

I found this Japanese blog via Bitter Cinema. Don't worry if you don't understand Japanese - the pictures rock!

Two funny pictures on the Chronicles of Rhodester blog. He has others, if you're interested.

Krys found the Enraged Butterfly on her wanderings around the Internet, and it's a good blog. The Butterfly is a high schooler with some issues about education. Interesting.

Free Cognition is a heavy-duty philosophy blog. Weird, wild stuff. Some day when I have the time I will have to read more of it, because it takes a while. One of the contributors stopped by Mia's blog, and I'm glad he did.

I can't remember where I found Slacktivist, but it's an interesting blog. He's currently looking at the "Left Behind" series, which he does not like.

I know you're dying to see photographs of my old home town, Portland OR, so go here! This is via Welcome to Blog.

New blog! Things I Hate. I really doubt this will last, because is anyone that angry? Still, they have some interesting things that they hate.

If you're interested in storm chasing, check out Storm Chasing, the blog!

Thomas has a dim-witted quote from Tom DeLay. He also links to many more Tom DeLay quotes.

Some of you have visited Krys's blog, which is nice of you. Remember - she's the brains of this operation!

Fun stuff. Because I'm not funny, but I can link to it when I see it!

The usual hilarity from McSweeney's.

Here's the deal with this site. You think of a dictator or situation comedy character. The site then guesses which one you are based on a series of questions it asks you. That's right - a dictator or sitcom character. Why? Because it's the Internet.

Jon talks about The Playground of Death!

It's an abstinence blog for girls and one for boys. I'd tell you where I got them, but if you read this regularly, you already where I steal most of my funny stuff from.

Darth Vader has a blog. It's decent, but not side-splittingly funny, as these things should be. Still, it makes me chuckle.

Jesus Christ is having some trouble getting a driver's license. This is via Balloon Juice.

Things a priest shouldn't say.

Jason Rodriguez talks about porn. Don't worry, it's not gross or anything. It's just humorous.

Danielle's neighbor fakes her orgasms.

Roxy links to this story about a Whore College. Would I kid you about something like that?

I always have to have a Tom Peyer section of the Sunday links. He links to a Gotham City phonebook and a Paula Adbul support book. Yes, you read that correctly.

Are you a comics geek? If you like these links, you might be. Sorry!

The Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe. Another thing to show you significant other when she claims you spend too much time on the computer.

Dave's Long Box recently got a mention in Newsweek, and although I'm mad with envy, I have to admit that he has a great blog and more bad comics than you'd care to know about. He reviews them every day. Excellent stuff!

Three great appearances by real-life political figures in comics.

It's probably wrong to link to real people dressed as comic book heroines, but what the hell - it's Power Girl!

Shane Bailey has Things you just don't see in Superman comics anymore. It's a shame, really - I'd probably like Superman more if the comics were like these.

David Carter is giving away comic books. So is Rick Gebhardt.

Disturbing visions of the future in the usually light-hearted JLI! It's really weird, in light of recent events.


Who won the 1925 NFL title? Well, there's a bit of a controversy about it. Why should you care? Because one claimant, the Pottsville Maroons, were based in Krys's hometown of Pottsville, PA! A web site devoted to the team is here. Learn all about this forgotten moment in sports history!

The quote of the day is by Robert Heinlein!

ABC apparently aired an ad by Focus on the Family, even though they did not air on ad by the Unitarians late last year (you remember that flap, don't you?). Erin has the story, as well as her e-mail to ABC protesting it.

So I'm wandering around the Internet, as I am wont to do, and saw this picture of Kelly Clarkson. Now, I have nothing against Ms. Clarkson, but why is it that as people get more famous, they get worse-looking? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Britney, Christina, Brad Pitt (have you seen that shaven head thing he has these days?) - the list goes on and on. Clarkson is decent-looking enough, but what's up with the hair, Kelly?

Kung Fu Monkey has some interesting posts about what Democrats need to do better here and here. I don't necessarily agree with him (on some things, yes, but in general, no), but it's interesting reading nonetheless.

If you want to piss off people with Jesus fish on their cars, here's another way to do it.

Well, that still took a long time. But I care about you, the reader, and if you can't waste time on the Internet, you might, I don't know, spend time with your families and friends! Blech! Enjoy!


Blogger Thomas said...

Greg, have you read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay?

9/5/05 2:04 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Thomas - I own it, but haven't read it yet. I'm on the 'S' section of my library, so sooner or later I'll get around to the 'C' section. I hear it's excellent.

9/5/05 2:45 PM  
Blogger layne said...

Great heapin o' Sunday links, as always!

10/5/05 6:59 AM  
Blogger Johnny B said...

Thanks for the link, even if it's to my "vacation" announcement! I gotta point out, though, that the Kelly pic is from the cover to her 2003 debut CD...

10/5/05 1:22 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Whoops! Well, then, Kelly is actually getting better looking ...

10/5/05 3:53 PM  

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