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It's Sunday - time for a good breakfast of bacon, eggs, orange juice - and links!

I weighed myself this morning as part of my ongoing New Years' resolution plan. I'm down to 217 pounds, meaning I lost 2 pounds in April. Not good, but April was a bit stressful, what with the cat in surgery and all. I should lose 4 pounds a month, so I'm going to try harder in May. Still, I've lost 17 pounds this year, and that ain't bad.

More people have signed my GuestMap because they're neat. Hello to Tom in England, and Gordon in St. Louis, and Woody in Cincinnati, and Layne in what looks like Winnipeg (and even though I didn't live here when it happened, I'm sorry that Phoenix stole your hockey team, Layne). All of those fine gentlemen have good blogs, and you should read them regularly. N doesn't have a blog, but he does have this interesting site. Check it out.

Harvey also says nice things about me at his blog, so I must return the favor. Check him out, because he has a lot of insightful things to say about comics and fiction in general. Recently he bashed Tolkien! Go tell him he's crazy!

It's May Day! Join the Commie celebration!

Let's break this week's links into sections, okay?

Why I don't even try to write a funny blog.

I would look like a Jerry in that episode when George asks him to be gloomy, that's why. Check these out if you want funny:

This is so inappropriate that I must WARN YOU IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!!! If you are easily offended, or even think you're not but really are, don't go here. Just look at the title - it gets a lot worse. It's very, very funny, but really awful as well. This link comes from The Disgruntled Chemist, and has sparked a political war in his comments. Look - I wouldn't care if this was about some liberal I admired. It's funny. It's just words. Don't read it if it's going to piss you off.

On the lighter side, Thomas needs a temporary "best friend in Houston. Thomas's blog is consistently funny.

Ghastly Comic makes fun of Neil Gaiman this week, sort of. I found this site via Goin' Ape. This edition of the comic tells us all about Google Seppuku (which I haven't tried yet). It stars Jesus, so again, if you're easily offended ...

I've linked to sections of Something Awful before, but just bookmark the whole site and check it periodically. Funny, funny stuff. Today it's "Neckbeards: A Beginner's Guide"!

Pointless Waste of Time is, well, just that. But where else can you read hard-hitting articles about the "death" of Tupac Shakur?

Benedict XVI has a blog. Okay, not really, but it's funny stuff.

Clublife isn't laugh-out-loud funny, but it's quite wry. The adventures of a bouncer at a NYC club that caters exclusively, it seems, to the Mafia.

My fantastic wife found The How-Not-To Guide to Parenting and Marriage. From a man's point of view, so of course he's clueless.

Waiter Rant is funny, funny stuff. Today's edition: a woman with no underwear on! Hilarity ensues!

Now that the real Pat O'Brien has left rehab, we all wonder what will become of I'm Stuck in Rehab with Pat O'Brien. Find out tomorrow!

Danielle always has something funny. Here she talks about her new neighbors. She told me her book is funnier than her blog. Now that we will have a steady flow on income, I will have to pick it up. Reading is fundamental, kids!

Tom Peyer links to Miss Poppy, a Christian web site "where even your money is saved!" Awesome. He has a bunch of other stuff, too, as usual, but you'll just have to go there to see what it is!

I don't know what Clinique minimizes - maybe you do!

Blogs I found through the comments sections on other blogs, which I won't link to because I forgot which ones.

Dita showed up on my blog a few days ago. Hi Dita! I don't know how she found me, but here's her blog. She has an interesting thought about McDonald's ...

Confessions of a Community College Dean. Okay, Harvey pointed this out, but it's close enough. It's an interesting look at education.

Fall of the State. A political blog in general.

Sara loves Walker, apparently. One problem: she's in Wellington, New Zealand, and he's in Ontario, Canada. I haven't read enough of these blogs to figure out if that's creepy or sweet. Check them out and make up your own minds!

[UPDATE: Walker says that it's sweet. That was quick! Now I feel bad. Seriously. Go read those blogs and read about their meeting, which is actually sweet. It's like Sleepless in Seattle for the Internet Age.]

Astrid loves Thomas (and who wouldn't?), and I like her blog because she refers to herself in the third person! Superb! (Look at that, two links to Thomas in one post. He should be happy!)

It's a Rudy Republican! I didn't know that was a term. It means "moderate," because that's what Rudy is!

Stuff on the Internet about comic books.

I'm still writing about comics here. Just in case you miss it (because I know you do!).

Scott Tipton has been doing an overview of the Justice League for quite some time now. Here are all the archives on his interesting column. Movie Poop Shoot is a fun site. And it has a porn star quote of the week!

Speaking of the Justice League, Kevin has a nice post about JLI 38-40, the Despero saga. Great comic books.

The Libertarian message of Squadron Supreme is from 2001, but what the hell. This is in case Dave Fiore is reading and hasn't seen this, since he digs Squadron Supreme. It's still good if you're not him, though.

If you know how to draw a monkey, go here. It's not kinky or anything, I promise! This link is courtesy of the Absorbascon, another blog that's better than mine.

Layne breaks down Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. Best. Comic. Ever.

Jason Richards is opening a comics store, and he's auctioning off some comics. He also reviews stuff from the 1970s. Hilarious stuff. Spectacular Spider-Man #36 (with "The Killer Bees of Swarm!" - I kid you not), Flash #253, Marvel Spotlight #30, JLA #135, and Iron Man #86. The '70s rule, man.

Mick Martin has a great post about black superheroes.

Dave Lartigue has an interesting article about comics for non-comics readers. He's a little cranky, but it's still worthwhile.

Politics and stuff.

An article about the fall of South Vietnam. Mine's better, if you ask me.

An "ethics war"? WTF? Nice move by the Republicans. This is like St. Augustine's "just war." It's all semantics for "we want to be jerks, so we have to figure out how to sell it."

Steven Levitt, who just made an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, has a blog devoted to Freakonomics, which is the name of his book. It sounds very interesting. Read about it, then buy it!

Keith Olbermann has a blog. I used to love him on SportsCenter, but don't watch him on MSNBC. I'll check this out, because he's a funny guy.

The Rude Pundit is "proudly lowering the level of political discourse." "Rude" is putting it mildly. Again, not for the easily offended (the current post is about our president and a squirrel monkey - let your imagination run with that).

Father Rasputin gives us the 14 points of fascist states. Hint: it's about a certain regime close to home!

The nepotism department.

Over at the blog about all things Mia, she gets new medication (boo!) and we get a new van (yay!).

Krys is updating her blog quite regularly, so you don't want to miss it. She's bugging me to get off the computer right now, in fact!

My cousin Kim has a blog. Why should you care? Because she's currently in Dubai, and who do you know in the United Arab Emirates? (Even my family has cooler blogs than I do.)


Gregg Easterbrook is a brilliant football commentator, and he writes Tuesday Morning Quarterback on every week during the season. He checks in around draft time, and his pre-draft column is up to his usual standards. If you're not interested in football, check it out anyway, because he talks about a lot of stuff. The reason I linked to this column, actually, is because he has the poem that England's poet laureate wrote for Charles and Camilla's wedding. It's not good. Scroll down to read it! Seriously - if you're a football fan and you don't read his column, you should be ashamed!

Matt from New Zealand has a blog. Check it out! Why should you? Because New Zealand is interesting, and do you know anyone from there to find out about it? (Nik is not allowed to answer that question.)

I don't think I've ever linked to the periodic table of haiku. Click on an element and get a haiku about it. Example: Mercury's is:

Liquid silver flows
like Hermes wings and shield made
molten by the sun

What a way to make science fun!

In the wake of the Jennifer Wilbanks fiasco, here's How To Disappear In America! If only she had read this ...

Chris "Lefty" Brown pointed out this site. It's the New York Public Library's digital gallery, with thousands of cool images. Neat-o.

Laura Gjovaag links to this story about the hunt for the Mongolian Death Worm. How cool would it be if this thing actually existed?

Want to know the readability index of your web site? Go here. Scott brought this to my attention.

I drove past a van on Friday with Artic Air painted on the side. This company has been around since 1959 and no one has ever told them they spelled "Arctic" wrong?

A disturbing article about the Internet. It's kind a creepy. Courtesy of Crocodile Caucus.

Zombies in Cambodia? You be the judge! Link courtesy of Dark, But Shining.

There really isn't anything better in life than brawlin' hillbillies.

Also via The Disgruntled Chemist, we get A geography test for the United States and several for Europe. They're fun time-wasters!

I've shown you where to go for your kung fu name, your Unitarian Jihad name, and now it's time for ... your porn star name! Mine is "Pinky Hard." My pirate name is "Yellow Pete Drake," which I like better. You can also find out your gangsta name and your Mafia name, among others. Link courtesy of Drink at Work.

Geeks of the world unite! Seriously, this is ... almost too geeky for words. This comes from Gutterninja.

This is an absolutely excellent idea. Via Listen To Us, We're Right.

Phew! Stupid Internet - expanding every second! Enjoy!


Blogger Thomas said...

This "Thomas" fellow that you talk about sometimes sounds interesting.

1/5/05 6:27 PM  
Blogger Walker said...

It's definitly not creepy and we have met in real life.

1/5/05 7:51 PM  
Blogger Tim S said...

the first disguntled chemist link doesn't work. (I had read the thing alread --- it's genius.)

1/5/05 8:32 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thank you for the update Greg. By the way I had a quick look down your links list...I saw Neil Gaiman on cool...I loved reading Good Omens!...(co-written with Terry Pratchett).

2/5/05 2:33 PM  
Blogger David Fiore said...

I actually used that libertarian-SS piece for a pinata on the courseblog, Greg! You're right though--it is an inteteresting essay!


2/5/05 3:14 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Sara - Good Omens is an excellent book - very funny.

I kind of guessed you would have seen that, Dave, since it's pretty old. I'll have to go back through your courseblog, since I've been slacking recently!

2/5/05 4:43 PM  
Blogger layne said...

Better late than never comment:
It's quite all right about the hockey thing...I'm one of the millions of Canadians who don't give a hoot about hockey. We're like the untouchables caste of the Great White North.

4/5/05 2:15 PM  

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