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More about Smokey

Well, Smokey got an MRI today, and he has a brain tumor. Of course, because the other option was a stroke, which would not have required surgery. The doctor is pretty sure it's a benign tumor, but either way, he needs surgery as quickly as possible, so he's scheduled to go back on Monday morning. Once the tumor is removed, the doctor said he has a good chance to recover pretty well, although his blindness is a concern. The doctor was surprised that it was total, since the tumor is on his right side, which would seem to indicate only the left eye going blind. We're not sure if it's total, either. He seems to be moving around a bit better, and it's possible he's learning how to move about when he can't see, but it's also possible he's seeing shadows and such. His appetite for both food and water are back with a vengeance, but he still isn't finding his litter box. That will be a test. We haven't talked to the doctor about how the patients usually live after surgery. We don't want him to be a big lump, because what kind of life is that? The other big problem is financial. I hate to think about that, but with neither of us with steady employment, it has to be a concern. If we go through with the surgery, it will cost upwards of six thousand dollars total for all the stuff he's been through. It's horrible to consider. We'll probably do it, because he's our boy, but it sucks that we have to think about it. We shall see how he does this weekend. If he starts adjusting well to his new circumstances, it's onward into surgery. This totally sucks, by the way. Thanks to all who chimed in with their well-wishes - it really does mean a lot to me.


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