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I'm pissed, so I'll try this again

My wife is stubborn, my daughter is stubborn, but me - not so much. I'm like George Constanza - I'm a quitter. Well, not today! I'm going to provide you with links from all over the Internet, because I'm so pissed at Blogger that I will redo this entry that I lost (see the post below this), although there will be less linking goodness because I don't want to spend three. fucking. hours. on it.

I saw Sin City last night. It was okay. I didn't like it as much as Roger Ebert did, but it was worth seeing on the big screen.

I hit the "Next Blog" button on my lost post, and came up with five weird blogs for your viewing pleasure. They are now gone. However, it's still a fun exercise to find other blogs, including Portuguese one and German ones. However, I happened to remember the address to this blog. WARNING! Contains porn. I'm not kidding. Okay, "erotic images." Still, they're kind of weird and disturbing. Click if you dare!

The Tommy Westphal Project is devoted to the kid who dreamed the entire run of St. Elsewhere (sorry if I ruined it for you, but it's been off the air for a long time, so you should already know about this). More proof that I don't spend as much time on the Internet as some people, so Krys shouldn't bitch (it's not like she's doing anything - Mia's playing the harmonica on her lap - find out why!)

One of my former students has a blog. It's typical of a teenager - poor punctuation and grammar - but she's a smart girl and she's a teen mom, so it might offer interesting insights ... if she posted more often! Maybe someone at my former school can kick her in the butt and tell her to get to it!

College Republicans invite an ex-pro wrestler to speak at UConn and it blows up in their faces. When is inviting an ex-pro wrestler to speak at a university a good idea?

The 100 Greatest Comics of the 20th Century? You be the judge!

Gender-bending magazine covers. Via Mike Sterling.

Kevin has some interesting things to say about The Fog of War, the movie about Robert McNamara.

A comic book starring John Paul II as the Incredible Popeman is about to go on sale in Colombia. I know it's supposed to be a tribute, but ... wow. (Or, as he's called in Spanish: El Increible HomoPater. That rules.)

Via Greg Morrow we get a link to Pope names, listed in the order they were last used. It's actually pretty funny. The last pope to keep his name, by the way, was Marcellus II in 1555. Just so you know.

It's the Good Morning Houston section of the link post! First, he asks the tough questions. Then, he links to a story I was going to, except he did it first. Damn you, Thomas! Although he is reading Arizona newspapers, probably because he reads this blog and wants to know more about Hell! Then, he links to a story about Tom DeLay's ethics violations. Finally, he tells us about this story, which says that Tom DeLay's ethics violations are, predictably, a Democrat plot. How can I keep up, Thomas!

Photoshopped Star Wars posters. Funny stuff.

Van Helsing is on right now on Starz. If I went into how many ways that movie sucked, my head, I think, would explode. Of course, it's still not as bad as Batman and Robin.

Hey! Did you know that there was a real-life 'M'? If you're a James Bond fan or if you read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, you might want to buy this book. I plan to as soon as one of us is employed again, since we have, well, no money.

From the Jumbotron 6000 comes a link to Found Magazine. They publish stuff that has been found. One of the picture on their web site was found in a dumpster in Auckland, New Zealand. Found by whom, is what I want to know!

John talks to God. Good stuff.

From Monitor Duty comes the story that the one-armed surfer chick is ripping off Cosmo Kramer! For shame, one-armed surfer girl!

The San Francisco Chronicle reports about the Unitarian Jihad. Since you all have your kung fu names (you do, don't you? of course you do), you can now get your Unitarian Jihad name (luckily, if you don't like yours, it changes whenever you click on it).

You know why we're not invading Nepal, despite news like this? Because the king doesn't like the Maoist rebels, and if there's one thing worse than dictators, it's Commies! Yay, President Bush!

There's a Howard the Duck discussion group. Just in case you're interested.

Fun links from Strike the Root:
Who would Jesus torture?
U.S. soldiers involved in drug trafficking in Colombia have immunity. Of course, this is from an Angolan newspaper, and I think if someone listed the worst places on earth, Angola would be ranked pretty high, so maybe they're just trying to make the U.S. look bad. Yeah, that's it.
A woman goes berserk when her rival shows off her new boob job. Only in England!

Tom the Dog wonders why he's the #1 hit for the search term "Misty May's ass." He links to the #2 hit. Be warned - it's very, very disturbing. You may feel unclean after reading just one comment on the thread.

Chuck Austen had a blog, but now it's dead. It's still fun to read a hack comic book writer trying to justify his hackness. Of course, I'm a hack blogger, so what the hell do I know?

The ad for this site says they have the funniest T-shirts ever. They're pretty funny.

There is a blog devoted to the girl in the Pepsi commercial - the one that first aired during the Super Bowl and featured all those people opening bottles and hearing music. She was the first person in the ad, and was in it for about five seconds. Now, go ahead and have a blog about her - she's pretty cute. But this guy gets mentioned on radio shows! Here I am, blogging away, providing valuable public services to my adoring public, and this guy is getting mentions on the radio. I'm so sad. Maybe if I did a blog about some obscure actor or actress ... how about a blog about that actor in the weirdly pornographic Brawny paper towel commercial? Or would that be too gay? Krys says I should do one about the old Brawny paper towels, with the 1970s porn guy. I dug him.

Anyway, this didn't take as long, but it also didn't have as many links. I hope this is sufficient for this week! Stupid Blogger!!!!!


Blogger Roxy said...

The tee-shirts are pretty darn funny - as is Yazil's blog. I had to go comment on it!

11/4/05 11:09 AM  
Blogger N said...

(1) Thanks a lot for the Scurvy Dogs, matey! It's a very funny book, and the authors' notes are worth reading, which is unusual. I like the art too. Fun contest, great rpize --- you're the man.

(2) Thanks for bothering to do the links again. You're a linking machine. Have you tried saving the post as a draft every few paragraphs or so?

11/4/05 4:29 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I'm glad you received it, and I'm glad you liked it. The nice thing about it - it's still funny the second time through!

Before I post, I always save it to a Word document, actually - I don't have any problems until I try to post. I don't know what happened this time - something with the spell checker, and everything froze. Life goes on.

11/4/05 8:13 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

Is Blogger working better for you today?

11/4/05 9:01 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

Greg, check out this link:

11/4/05 10:04 PM  
Blogger Astrid said...

Yes, two thumbs, one toe, one eyebrow, two arms and ... one blonde hair up for Thomas his Blog!

13/4/05 1:27 AM  
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