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Having fun with linkin' logs (I pun because I love)

There are new pictures of the most beautiful child in the world over at my other blog. Compare her beauty to the ugliness of her father! It's fun!

So it's Sunday, I'm sitting here listening to John Legend's album "Get Lifted" (which is pretty good, despite some weirdly misogynistic lyrics), and that means links, links, links! I will endeavor to save this bad bear a little more this week so that I don't lose the whole damned thing, and y'all can soak up the linking goodness!

First, let's hit the "Next Blog" button! Here's what we get:

1. Victor's Dream Lair. Not as interesting as it sounds, unfortunately. A Malaysian teenager talking about love and how he doesn't have a girlfriend. If that's your sort of thing.

2. Entwerp. I'm not sure what the heck this blog is about. Spacey ramblings about Chinese pop and finishing undergraduate work. Very sparse.

3. ????? Seriously. I don't even know the title of this blog. It's got a weird manga drawing on the front page and a weird set-up. Bizarre.

4. Dje in Australia. Some French dude in Melbourne. Nice pictures. I really miss Melbourne - it's a cool city.

5. Raed in the Middle. An Iraqi dude who still has connections in Iraq. Kind of interesting.

See? Sometimes the blogs you find are really cool, and sometimes ... not so much. Try it yourself!

There were a couple of articles in yesterday's newspaper that I found interesting. First, there's The Ad Campaign That Might Topple A Government! Those wacky Canadians. Second, there's this article about social restrictions being eased in Iran. The article itself isn't all that interesting, but the fact that Iran has "mobile flogging units" is too cool. Are they dressed like the A-Team? Do they all have matching but differently colored costumes, a la The Power Rangers? Do they have an "Avengers Assemble" kind of chant, like "Floggers Fall Out!"? These questions need to be answered! Mobile flogging units ... those wacky Iranians.

Greg Morrow initially brought this horrible story about the rape of a developmentally disabled 16-year-old to my attention. In today's newspaper, we get a this follow-up story. As the father of a developmentally disabled daughter, I can tell you that I would kill every boy involved in this crime. Kill them slowly and painfully. No jury would convict me. Bastards.

In more fun news, Fametracker is a fun site. Sections include Two Stars, One Slot, when actors are so similar they cancel each other out, and Hey! It's That Guy, which gives you names to all those character actors whose names you can't remember.

I can't remember which blog linked to Sam's site, Exploding Dog, but thanks. Send him a title of anything and he will draw it. It's truly weird.

Calendars through the ages. Calendars are fascinating. I'm so not lying. I own this book, and it's really excellent.

More goodness from McSweeney's, including The Philadelphia Flyers Have a Time Machine: Installment Four (with links to parts One, Two, and Three - this is for Frank and Dave, who miss hockey), and new lists, including Things You Will
Still Be Able to Do After the Collapse of Society As We Know It, Provided Your Postapocalyptic Vision Aligns With Kevin Costner's
and What I Learned Listening to AM Radio. Funny stuff.

Norm Breyfogle has a web site. Those of you who don't read comics won't care, and some comics readers might not know him, and my best friend Ken (if you're reading, Ken, give me a call, you loser!) hates his art, but for my money, he's brilliant. One of the best Batman artists EVER.

I'd say that Terrell Owens needs to shut up, but apparently he's decided to do that himself. Owens is going to lose if he goes up against Andy Reid. So, for that matter, is Brian Westbrook. I love both players, but they are going to lose. Reid doesn't put up with this shit. There's one player on that team who is close to untouchable. His initials are D. McNabb. Everyone else - Reid will ship them out of town faster than they can think.

I just found Erin's blog, Jesus Was Not a Republican. Good stuff. She just got an "I Heart Jesus" pin/eyeglass holder. Excellent. Jesus, as everyone who bothers to read the Bible, was a socialist is there ever was one.

Thanks to Layne for linking to this, which tells you what other people had accomplished at your age. It really makes you feel like you've wasted your life. Thanks, Layne.

More idiocy about our nation's drug laws. John has it all! Democrats do stupid crap like this too, but whereas Democrats tend to cost the American people money, Republicans tend to cost the American people our rights. It all depends on which is more important to you (and that's not a shot - some people honestly want to make more money and lose some of their rights).

From Heidi McDonald, we get this story about a Greek court lifting a ban on the sale of a comic book depicting Jesus as a dope-smoking, naked surfer who drank with Jimi Hendrix. So cheer up, everyone! You could live in Greece. I wonder if that comic has been sold here. Does George Bush know about it?

Heidi also links to unintentionally sexual comic book covers. Man are they funny.

Dr. Doom has a shocking confession to make!

Dave Fiore talks historiography. You may not like Dave Fiore (check out his blogs here and here), but he's always interesting. Isn't that all we can ask for?

I can't figure out if Catholics for Rick Santorum is a joke or not. If it is, it's pretty funny, in a Dada kind of way.

Good news from Iraq! There's a lot of it, too. I guess to offset all the Americans who keep getting killed. Oh, and the fact that Bush continues to ruin his own country. Soon good Americans will want to move to Iraq, because our country is such a shit hole. This link comes from Avi, whose blog is a weird mixture of comic book stuff and ultra-Zionist politics. A heady brew!

Tom Spurgeon always has interesting comic book news, but the real reason I linked to this is for the picture at the top. Awesome.

It might be the height of hubris to link to something I wrote, but I'm pretty proud of it. We're in the Golden Age of comics, people!

Dave finds freaky things.

The Disgruntled Chemist continues to be, well, disgruntled. Here he links to this story about conservative Christians launching a "faith-based" attack on those wacky activist judges (you know, the ones who misinterpreted the Constitution and gave Bush the presidency in 2000 - oh, wait a minute ...) and here he links to this story about researchers naming species of slime-mold beetles after Bush and Cheney. That rules.

Rob Osborne is funny, whether you read comics or not.

Greg Morrow (yes, I know I linked to him above) has a reasonable view of corporate anti-environmentalism and how to fix it. It's "reasonable," so of course it has no chance of ever going anywhere.

Zombie dolphins. Would I lie? (Okay, it's a comic book cover, but still ...)

Tim links to Mr. Winkle. Truly indescribable.

Joaquin Phoenix has joined Pat O'Brien in rehab. Funny, funny stuff.

Jay Pinkerton has a hard-hitting expose about why teenagers are retarded.

I think Basques are cool and probably deserve their own country, but it's kind of difficult when they can't come together in elections.

Danielle has to give up being black, apparently.

TV show jargon. Pretty interesting.

The Ohio Senate wants to limit free speech in classrooms. Isn't that the ACLU's job?

The bankruptcy bill passed the House this week, and Bush is sure to sign it into law. What a crock of shit it is. Read more about it here. This is why I'm considering going into politics. Politicians don't care about anything but lining their own pockets. So why shouldn't I join them?

I've linked to Pharyngula before, but it's worth linking to again. All your "Why Creationism Is Crazy" needs!

The most anally-retentive DC Universe timeline. From Mike, who got it from Tom.

How to Read Blogs 101. It can't hurt to know! The link comes from Woody in a roundabout way.

A ninth-grader was suspended for wearing makeup. Don't schools have bigger things to worry about, like how that kid probably can't read or write?

Justin, the mad genius behind That Pepsi Girl, quoted my rant about his blog and the publicity it's getting. I don't know if he was mad or not. I don't care - as I said, go ahead and blog about her. Her father's a comic book artist, so any publicity for comic books is good publicity!

Tom Peyer is back at it again, with the news as explained with comic book covers. Sheer genius. He also links to this, where you can enter your URL and find out who has been linking to you. Thanks to those very few people who link here. You're what makes this all worth it! (Do I get my Oscar now?)

First, Toner Mishap gave us this, which I linked to last week before Blogger ate my post, and then I forgot about it. Then, in response to the many people who loved it, we get the Chewbacca Defense (from South Park) as an explanation. Good stuff.

The Warrior responds to his appearance at UConn, which I mentioned last week. Courtesy of the Trash Heap.

Well, that's about it. Nice to end with a professional wrestler referring to himself in the third person. I really should start doing that. I'm sorry, Greg should really start doing that. Remember: my daughter is beautiful! You must look at her pictures! Have a nice week!


Blogger layne said...

You're welcome, heh.

17/4/05 9:41 PM  
Blogger ymelendez said...

i see that you add a lot of links how do you do that? cuz i have tons of good links myself.

17/4/05 11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To add a link you type [a href="url"]text you want[/a], using <'s and >'s instead of ['s and ]'s. Remember to put in the http:// part of the url!

This site should help you out.

18/4/05 10:19 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Ah, the always mysterious "anonymous." Thank you, kind sir or madam.

18/4/05 3:48 PM  
Blogger N said...

Great links as always.

The paragraph with Terrell Owens in it lost me... I have no idea who any of those people are. I gather it's some sports thing.

Might it be a good idea to give a word or two of context for the links entries? Not just for sports, but anything. Since the things you link to are so wildly divergent in nature?

Or am I the only one so utterly clueless?

Anyway, thanks for the effort you put into those links. Humor and education abound.

19/4/05 9:16 PM  
Anonymous Theodore Hagedorn said...

I am interested in your blogs.

11/1/06 10:17 AM  

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