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Kent State anniversary

Yesterday was the thirty-fifth anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University. I don't know why this resonates with me so much, but it does. I just mentioned a couple of days ago how much I love this country, and this seems to nullify that, but the point is - in China no one is even allowed to mention Tiananmen Square, while here Neil Young writes popular songs about the government killing students.

There's a lot on the web about the killings. Here's an article about it. There are also sites devoted exclusively to the massacre, including this one and this one. A sad day in American history.


Blogger N said...

Kent State is the reminder for all of us how easy it is for a miliatristic mindset to take over. At any moment, if so ordered by their commanding officer, a soldier not just can, but will, fire on you. Don't think that you have to be presenting a danger to them or others for it to happen, either.

5/5/05 12:44 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

It's strange how people change when A) you give them a gun; or B) they're part of a mob. Psychology is weird. It's pretty obvious these kids weren't doing anything threatening, and they were just shot. It's the Ibsen rule in real life - if you give someone a gun, pretty soon he's going to fire it.

5/5/05 2:14 PM  

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