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What a shitty day. I had the flu over the weekend, and I took today off for a meeting with all of Mia's therapists, and I feel like crap, and I'm bored. I have plenty to do, but none of it was interesting. What a shitty day.

Sorry. Hey - do you like reading stuff that apparently pisses a lot of people off? Yesterday I suggested that Owly might not be that good. In fact, I said it sucked. Poor choice of words, perhaps, but it set some people off. Fun stuff. If you don't know what Owly is, it's a comic book for kids. It is not good. But that's my opinion. What the hell do I know?

Anyway, I wanted to post this before I forgot. As I will soon be unemployed again (by choice), I feel that I should pull my weight a little more 'round these parts, especially because Krys is working 25 miles away and it takes her a long time to get home. So I'm going to be doing more of the cooking around here. I'm not a bad cook, actually, but I can only cook well if I'm following a recipe, because I have no creativity on my own. So I'm asking for recipes! Anyone got any good ones? The ones I want should take less than 30 minutes to prepare, have a lot of protein and not a lot of carbs (I'm still trying to get my cholesterol under control), and not be too heavy - it's Arizona in the summer, after all, where the temperature only gets down to 80 Fahrenheit at 2 o'clock in the morning. They should also be somewhat easy, since I will be dealing with the Demon Child at the same time (she can keep herself occupied decently enough, but she's still a Demon Child!). If you are a gourmand, I want to hear from you!

You can leave a recipe as a comment to this post, or you can E-mail me. Thanks for your help. I will now return to my shitty day (well, the kid's waking up, so we'll have some fun together - she's neat).


Blogger The Disgruntled Chemist said...

If I had more than a passing familiarity with my kitchen, I would suggest something.

The one thing I actually cook is chicken with beans and rice...chicken on the George Foreman grill, rice on the stove and beans in the microwave. It's very efficient.

10/5/05 11:25 AM  

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