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Ugandan dictators, hypocritical Republicans, hardcore nature, and milk ... to the extreme! It must be the return of the links!

It's been a few weeks since I had time to surf the Internet, so the links have been missing, but today they're back! Unfortunately, I know that they will be missing for all of November, because I'm writing a novel in 30 days. Go do it yourself here! So I will not have any time to cruise around the Internet - I'll be writing 50,000 words (or trying to).

Before we begin, some fun stuff: today I was watching college football while I was putting this post together, and the Washington State-USC game was on. Bob Griese said, in the space of a few seconds, "I think he pulled out too soon" and that Matt Leinart "throws a high hard one." I know, it's juvenile, but those statements cracked me up.

Have you seen the new commercial for motor oil with Danica Patrick? I saw it a few days ago, and Krys saw it today. It's hilarious - Ms. Patrick is dressed in fancy finery with her hair all wind-blown talking about how great the oil is. In only one brief shot is she in her racing gear. That's right - they're using sex appeal to sell motor oil. It's awesome.

All right, let's get to the links!

First, let's go random with the "Next Blog" button. Where would we be without it?

Very random musings.

A Portuguese (maybe Spanish, but the language looks like Portuguese) guy in Japan. He has a picture of a Japanese girl licking what looks like a cell phone, which is mildly interesting.

The blog of a teenager in Asia (Malaysia, maybe?). The usual poor spelling and lots of slang.

Serious Christian blog. It's called Under His Wings, for crying out loud!

17-year-old Canadian girl's blog. It's called You Know You Love Me. Read at your own risk!

International news. You must know about the world around us!

A Texas businessman is seeking the Haitian presidency. This isn't as crazy as it sounds - he's from Haiti. However, even if you're Haitian, why would you want to be president?

Andrew Sullivan points out that Bush has something in common with the dictator of Uganda: they don't like gay marriage. It was just banned in Uganda.

Brent Scowcroft, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says we've had 50 years of peace in the Middle East with dictators running things. Now, while it's nice that an insider is criticizing the case for war in Iraq, I question what his definition of "peace" is. I saw this first at The Cranky Professor.

Politics closer to home. Because while we're busy screwing up the world, we might as well screw up America as well!

Today's fiscally responsible Republicans: We'll just borrow the money to pay for everything!

Speaking of those fiscally responsible Republicans, they're cutting lots o' social programs, don't you know. There is an EXCELLENT quote by our president included. See if you can spot it!

Another reason why I love politics: Two strangely contradictory quotes from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She couldn't be talking about a Democrat in the first instance and a Republican in the second, could she? No, a crime is a crime, isn't it?

Newark, NJ, pays a newspaper to publish only good news about the city. I've been to Newark. This is not a bad idea.

Bush's presidency is OVER! Yeah, I know, you hadn't heard the news. This essay explains why.

Would you believe that Tom DeLay supports horrible things in the Pacific Rim? I know, it's shocking.

Brit Hume says the casualties in Iraq are "negligible." You know, technically he's correct, but what a stupid thing to say and word to use. This is from Road to Surfdom.

Comic book junk. Who doesn't like the comic books?

Chris talks about badass panels in The Question. Believe you me, they are badass.

Because he can, Tom Peyer brings us Zebra Batman:
 Posted by Picasa

Speaking of fun old stuff, Sleestak has Golden Lad:
Warren Ellis needs to write the mini-series! Posted by Picasa

Interesting article (with links!) about comics as a cultural force.

A link to the top ten graphic novels.

Gary gives us his Batman pitch. Because it's interesting, there's no way DC would ever let him write it (even if he was a big-time comic writer, which he's not).

Scipio always finds the hidden haiku in comics. Hal Jordan needs some action:
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Hey, Stan Lee should sue: They found Captain America! This is from Ace of Spades.

Scott shows us the wackiness of Lois Lane. Remember wacky Lois?

T. reviews Wanted in two parts. Very interesting, and it really crystallizes why I don't read Mark Millar books anymore.

Hey, I have a new column about Comics You Should Own! Batman 452-454 by Peter Milligan, Kieron Dwyer, and Dennis Janke. But you already own them, right?

Fun stuff. At least I hope it's funny for you, because you all deserve to laugh now and then.

I'm sure most of you have seen this, but the White House is cranky that The Onion is using the Presidential Seal. Because they have nothing better to do, I guess.

Notes from Ann Coulter's editor. So true, so true.

Bill watches public access television and you reap the benefits of his wisdom.

Do the Republicans know how icky nature is? I mean, come on:
There are other examples at the link. Posted by Picasa

Raising children and the joys that go with it.

An eternal truth from the mouth of a child.

Mr. Nice Guy explains that the love affair between parent and child begins at four months, and ends at five months.

A child has committed a horrific crime! Whodunit? Learn the sordid tale!

Miscellaneous Signs of the Apocalypse. Run for the hills!

Halle Berry's big secret! I was going to steal the picture, but it's much more visceral if you click on the link.

A fan asks Paul McCartney's permission to propose to his girlfriend. If I was his girlfriend and I found out he needed McCartney's permission, I'd say no. Do I really want to marry a loser who can't make up his mind?

Kelvin Green looks at what Americans deem offensive in art and entertainment. I'll give you a choice as to what we think is "bad for children": bullet holes in foreheads or female nipples. You make the call!

Here's a charming story of a rape victim who can't get the "morning after pill" in Tucson. Because of, you know, moral reasons. Things like this piss me off so much. I found this on Donklephant.

Because of a poorly worded anti-gay amendment, it turns out that Texas wants to ban ALL marriage. Is Texas too easy a target? I got this from Ones and Zeroes.

A Roman Catholic high school orders students to stop having personal blogs. Because telling kids they can't do something always works. Seriously, this is idiotic. The kids seem to think so, too.

Jesus was not a Republican links to some crazy remarks about gays and AIDS from a youth minister speaking at a high school. Of course, we also have his defense. You be the judge who we should believe!

What do you know? An anti-Semitic poem has been published in a children's poetry book that is being distributed throughout the United Kingdom. The poem is written from the point of view of Hitler. The editor says they aren't willing to censor this kid, which is almost the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I got this from Ahistoricality via Respectful Insolence.

Other miscellaneous. Come back from the hills!

I don't know if you've seen the new milk commercial, but it's funny. It pokes fun at Major League Baseball's drug policy, and of course, MLB is angry about it. Maybe if they had a good drug testing policy the milk people wouldn't make fun of it. You think?

Lyle points to the story of people using the Lost numbers to play Powerball. They didn't win. That would have been too freaky.

Woody! links to sexy Halloween costumes (they call them "adult," but let's face it - they're "sexy"). Okay, maybe it's too late for this year, but what young lady wouldn't want to show up to work in, say, the middle of April wearing the slutty Rainbow Brite costume?
Rainbow Brite

What's the beauty of Sirius satellite radio? People with no lives can listen to a station that plays only Bruce Springsteen music. He's not the only one, either - you can have an all-Elvis and/or all-Rolling Stones station. Why oh why would you want this? I can't even see my old friend Patti, who LOVED Springsteen, getting this.

It's ancient porn! And because it's thousands of years old, it's not icky, it's, you know, classy. This is from Superblog!!, where there's a link to a giant phallus. Truly, truly wild.

Do you want to be a Marvel superhero? Sure you do! So make sure you drink ... extreme milk!

It's ... (wait for it!) ... the Shaft theme in Middle English! Good stuff. I found this at Another Damned Medievalist.

Is this the scariest movie poster ever? Sleestak thinks so.

Everyone already knows this, but it's still stunning: Sulu is gay. I know I couldn't believe it.

The Phantom Scribbler is a Googlewhack. If you don't know what that is, click the link!

I hope you like the links. As I mentioned, I'm trying to write a novel next month. More information in the next few days, because I want to do it on a blog, but might simply write it off-line. We'll see.

Tomorrow: the very last bunch of pictures from my travels to Australia and New Zealand! How exciting!


Blogger layne said...

Wow, those costumes are waaay better than these ones. Waaaay better.

(Oh, and in case anyone's curious: The Onion takes the highroad in responding to the White House's asshattery.)

29/10/05 10:12 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

What's this novel going to be about? Will it be posted here, chapter by chapter?

30/10/05 6:51 AM  
Blogger Roxy said...

ok - I signed up for the novel writing as well...

I must say I identify myself as a writer in my mind, now let's see if I can do it on paper.

30/10/05 8:44 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Yes, but all of those are knitted, Layne - that's impressive.

I'll let you know, Gary. I'm still trying to decide whether I should do it on-line or not.

Good job, Ms. Roxy. I was hoping you would do it.

30/10/05 11:48 AM  
Blogger Woody! said...

Thanks for the link love, Greg. Ironically, I think it's probably ironic, I went to a party with a grown woman dressed as Rainbow Brite. Wasn't quite slutty enough, though, for my tastes. Still, better than the costumes Layne pointed out.

Good luck with the novel.

30/10/05 8:12 PM  

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