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"Every Van Gogh Must Go!"

I'm watching Amazon Women On The Moon on the Sundance Channel right now. If you haven't seen this movie, I pity you. It's freakin' brilliant. It's a bunch of sketches parodying, among other things, 1950s-era science fiction movies, local commercials, horror movies, trashy romance novels, and a host of other stuff. It includes the classic commercial for the Met's going-out-of-business sale, in which the curator announces, "Every Van Gogh must go" and offers the Declaration of Independence as a free bonus gift (you can sign your name on the bottom at parties!). It has a host of people in it, like Ralph Bellamy, David Alan Grier (as Don "No Soul" Simmons, the black man without soul - so sad), B.B. King (as the spokesman for the organization to help black people like Don Simmons), Henry Silva (host of "Bullshit Or Not?"), Arsenio Hall, Howard Hesseman, Phil Hartman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Peter Horton, Joe Pantoliano, Andrew Dice Clay, Russ Meyer, the guy who played Jimmy Olson, Ed Begley Jr. (who gets naked!) ... so many to choose! The main "story," which is a movie called, appropriately enough, Amazon Women On The Moon, parodies a 1957 movie in which astronauts from Earth land on the moon and meet beautiful women. The moon looks suspiciously like Arizona, and when the men are captured by the Amazons, the Queen says that men are good for nothing. The captain, played with lantern-jawed goodness by Steve Forrest, says, "Where I come from, no woman is complete without a man." Awesome.

Parts of it were directed by the criminally underrated Joe Dante, and others were directed by John Landis. It's kind of a slight movie, but if you catch on cable at some point (the uncut version, with the nudity!), watch it. It's hilarious.


Blogger Mikester said...

That's a great movie..."Bullshit or Not" may be one of my favorite movie segments ever.

It's very much in the vein of Groove Tube (not on DVD, far as I know) and Kentucky Fried Movie...if you liked Amazon Women, you'll probably like these, too. (GT is a lot more adult-oriented.)

25/10/05 9:06 PM  

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