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The football picks are back!

After a week off, I thought I'd try this again. So far this year, I'm 40-34 picking games, and that's after being 4 games under .500 after two weeks, so I'm getting better. I'm still waiting for my call from the big-time sports networks.

Tonight's game: MIAMI (-2) 21, Kansas City 16. Miami plays well at home, and it's a weird hurricane condition. The Chiefs just arrived today. Too much to overcome.

ARIZONA (-3.5) 24, Tennessee 14. If the Cardinals lose this game, they might as well start contract negotiations with Matt Leinart.
ST. LOUIS (-3) 24, New Orleans 10. The Rams aren't as good without Marc Bulger, but they're good enough to beat the Saints. Especially if they do what they did in the first quarter of last week's game, and that's run Stephen Jackson.
MINNESOTA (+1.5) 24, Green Bay 17. This is kind of a pick-'em game. The only reason I'm going with the Vikings is because Nancy-Boy Favre sucks in domes. I wouldn't be terribly surprised, however, if the Pack wins by three touchdowns. The Vikings are just that weird.
Indianapolis (-15) 24, HOUSTON 20. The Colts are giving FIFTEEN on the road? Wow. The Texans have probably already called Reggie Bush or even Matt Leinart. They suck. But 15 is a huge number, and the Texans have their pride, don't they? Don't they?
CINCINNATI (-1) 30, Pittsburgh 21. Is Big Ben playing? This pick is based on him playing. If he doesn't, the Bengals win by two touchdowns, easy. Yes, I just used the word "easy" to describe a Cincinnati win. Actually, the only reason I'm picking them is because the game is at home.
PHILADELPHIA (-3.5) 24, San Diego 14. Was the Dallas game the Eagles' "sucky" game that they have every year, or the start of a huge decline? This game will tell. They've had two weeks, the Chargers have to make another trip to the East Coast, Reid gets his boys prepared after a bye week - all the stars are aligned, Eagles, so let's come through, shall we?
CLEVELAND (-3) 31, Detroit 10. How are the Browns only favored by three? Detroit on the road is almost as bad as Arizona on the road. It doesn't matter who is playing QB for the Lions (by the end of the game, it'll be Garcia) - this is a walk for Cleveland. A walk!
WASHINGTON (-12.5) 21, San Francisco 14. How is Washington favored by that much? They're not that good, and the 49ers are awful, sure, but they play hard. Washington wins, but not as easily as people think they will.
SEATTLE (-3) 28, Dallas 17. Give the damned ball to Shaun Alexander, Coach Holmgren! Just do it!
Buffalo (+3) 22, OAKLAND 17. Oakland is favored because they're at home, I imagine. I don't care. They'll commit 19 penalties and the Kelly Holcomb magic works again!
CHICAGO (-1) 10, Baltimore 6. Just like the Ravens-Jets game from a few weeks ago, first team to get a first down wins!
Denver (+2) 26, NEW YORK GIANTS 21. This is a tough pick - the Broncos have been playing well, and I think they carry the momentum from the big win over the Patriots into the swamp and beat the Football Giants, who I think are playing slightly over their heads.
ATLANTA (-7) 31, New York Jets 13 (Monday Night). I don't care if Vick plays or not. The Falcons are too good at home.

There you go, gentle readers. Take that money out of your mattress and head to Vegas. These picks are money!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Washington won't win easily? They set a FedEx Field scoring record, posted more points than anybody else in the NFL last weekend, and won by a margin more than TWICE the spread....

If you bet the favorite every time you see a double-digit NFL line, you'll do very well for yourself.

27/10/05 11:02 AM  

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