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This is weird

Today I was listening to the radio, as I often do in my automobile. During the commercial interruption, a advertisement for a car dealership here in the Basin came on (I think it was a Toyota dealership, but that's not really relevant). In these tough economic times, people are trying to get you to buy stuff, but they need to offer incentives. Usually this translates into zero money down or zero interest for a period of time. That's what this dealership was offering. What made me chuckle was the background music they used to help sell their plan:

"Saved by Zero" by The Fixx.

Holy crap, what a reference. "Saved by Zero," for those of you who don't own The Fixx's 1983 seminal album Reach the Beach, appears on The Fixx's 1983 seminal album Reach the Beach. It's actually not a bad song or a bad album, if you must know. The commercial didn't even feature The Fixx's version - it was a goofy, cheesy, Casio-keyboard-inspired version.

It just seemed odd. "Saved by Zero" wasn't a huge hit, was it?

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Blogger Jeffrey said...

I was wondering if that was The Fixx's version or not because I didn't remember the song being lame like the commercial's version. The original was good.

14/10/08 7:52 AM  

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