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Sports ineptitude

I'm not sure how many of you have heard about this, but the next time you're whining about your team sucking, consider the Bulgarian women's hockey team, which lost to Slovakia a week ago ... 82-0. Yes, a hockey game was 82-0. Bulgaria didn't get a shot off. They also lost earlier games 41-0 and 30-1. Hey, they scored a goal!

There are some videos here, but they're kind of depressing. Bulgaria doesn't even look like they want to be there, even when the game is 0-0 (for about a minute). One wonders why they put a team together.

Next time you're moaning about your favorite team losing a game by a touchdown or two or blowing a five-run lead in the ninth inning, just be thankful you're not a rabid fan of the Bulgarian women's hockey team. Man, that must suck.

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