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One thing I just don't get

Almost every young person plays video games. Huh. The numbers are quite staggering. These are kids 12 to 17, and pretty much all of them play video games (of 1102 participants in the survey). That's just amazing.

I have never been into video games. Never. Not even when I was young, and I was the ripe age for the first video games in the late '70s/early '80s. Some of my friends were into games, but not many. By the time they really took off with the graphics and, you know, blowing shit up realistically, I was too old. Even in college (1989-1993), I just wasn't into them. I was too busy playing hearts. Yes, the card game.

I was hoping that we would never have a video game console in our house. It's not that I have anything necessarily against them, but I just didn't want to spend the money and I don't really want the kids sitting in front of the television any more than they already do. But we might get a Wii for Mia. Krys has been reading up on it and found that a lot of therapists are using it for their patients. We're going to talk to her therapists and see if they think it's a good idea. I guess I'll have to do some parenting to make sure Norah doesn't become a video game zombie.

Still, I'm astonished by these numbers. That's a lot of people playing video games!

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