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Stupid conservative radio talk show hosts should shut up!

Today I foolishly switched to one of the many conservative radio stations in town, mostly because there were commercials on the sports talk radio shows. Once Rush Limbaugh was on, and the other time Michael Savage was on. I turned them off quickly, because they made me angry. I'm rather unabashedly liberal (for the most part, although like a lot of people, I'm liberal on some things and conservative on others, something hard core people on both sides tend to forget), but I don't like crazies on either side ranting about stuff. As conservative talk dominates the airwaves here in the Basin, I usually end up listening to that for a few minutes. So what did I hear today that made me angry?

Rush was talking about Barack Obama, his wife, and his ex-preacher. He was going on about Michelle Obama giving a speech to a group of women and encouraging them to stay out of jobs that pay shitloads of money and stay in jobs that have to do with service for the community that don't pay as much. Rush did say that it's noble to be in social work, but he specifically picked on Ms. Obama because he says she is "anti-middle class." He said she got this idea specifically from Obama's pastor, the controversial Jeremiah Wright, who, according to Rush, has ranted against the middle class before. Wright, according to Rush, is very against materialism and hates the middle class. Now, I have no idea if Wright is actually anti-middle class. If he's friends with the Obamas, who are very wealthy, I doubt it. One point on which I tend to agree with conservatives is that liberal Democrats in politics tend to be far richer than they like to admit, so their concern for the poor comes off as a bit disingenuous. I don't know what Michelle Obama's speech was about or what her motivation was, but it seems, from what Rush said, that Reverend Wright is actually talking about being a good Christian. You know, that Jesus dude, who told everyone who followed him to give away everything they owned? Now, I'm sure Rush considers himself a Christian, so you'd think he would be remotely familiar with the teachings of Jesus. You know, as he's the basis for the religion and all. So I'm unsure why he's so angry about Reverend Wright railing against materialism. Shouldn't all pastors do that?

Okay, moving on to Michael Savage. He was reading an article about the Larkspur, California city council. The writer of this article was ranting about the fact that Larkspur, along with several other city councils, are so politically correct that they're turning into Communist cells. Yes, Savage called them "Communist cells." Anyway, the writer was saying that the city council had decided to speak with a unified voice to the media. That means, according to this writer, that if a vote goes 3-2, the minority does not get to voice their opinions. The writer was apoplectic that the Larkspur city council would oppress free speech in this way. It's like a Chinese village in the 1950s, according to Savage. Or, you know, like the United States circa 2003, when anyone who suggested that the war might not be the best idea was branded a traitor. Remember those great days? Apparently, if you disagree with something that's really cool, like stupid wars, then the majority can overrule any dissent! But when a tiny town in stupid hippie California does something, then we need to send in the Marines to liberate the noble conservatives hiding in their basements because the town council is squashing their right to speak!

This is why I hate conservative talk show hosts. Not because they're wrong, because they're often correct. But extreme people on both sides are so blind to the shit their own sides pull while they're condemning the sins of the other side. I mean, I agree that taxing the shit out of people isn't the best idea, but I hate to hear conservatives condemn it while never admitting that giving tax breaks while spending more money and growing the deficit to obscene amounts is probably not the best way to run the country. And I hate to hear liberals condemn the wealthy while they make more money than I will ever do and then say we need to tax people like me more. They both suck. But conservatives are louder and more obnoxious, so they earn my ire. Fuck Rush and fuck Savage. Rush needs to find out what it means to be a Christian, and Savage needs to remember recent times in our country when the conservative majority oppressed free speech. So fuck 'em both.

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