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D. B. Cooper's parachute?

Some kids may have found D. B. Cooper's parachute. Who's D. B. Cooper, you ask? WHO'S D. B. COOPER?!?!?!?!? Shame on you for not knowing who D. B. Cooper is!

Anyway, this could be an interesting turn of events. If it's, in fact, true.

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Blogger gracie said...

Greg, if it turns out to be DB's chute, we will know that he had to have got away with it. The area where chute was found is roughly 32 miles away from Frenchman's Bar where some of the loot was found in 1980. There is no way that that money could have washed away from Amboy WA to the banks of the Coulumbia River.

DB LIVES (I hope)


28/3/08 10:39 AM  

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