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Picture Day returns from exotic locales and gives us some good photos of friends

Yes, we're back from Venezuela and back in Portland for today's edition of Picture Day. These pictures are from late August 1999, when my friend Ken and his significant other Jim came out to visit us. We had a grand old time. I liked to use Ken and Jim as examples when my students would talk about gay people and how they would kick the shit out of any they ever met. As you will see, Ken and Jim are big dudes, and would easily beat the hell out of my bigoted students! But that's neither here nor there - we're all about peace here at the blog! So enjoy the pictures!

My mom actually took this first one, out of the airplane window when she was leaving Portland. That's Mt. Hood in the foreground and Mt. Jefferson in the background. This is a cool picture.

In 1999, Portland was home to the Single-A baseball team of the Colorado Rockies, and we went to see a game. From front to back, that's Charlotte, Krys, Gaetana, Ken, and Jim. It was quite the fun night.

Ken had to visit the world's smallest park, so we did. I've shown a picture of it before, but this was fun because there were three of us in it.

Portland has a really wonderful Japanese garden. This is just one of the idyllic scenes.

The Rose Garden is also a nice place, with neat views of the downtown area.

They grow a lot of different kinds of roses in the garden. Krys is just pointing out a few of them!

We had a very nice time with our visitors. Now that we live in Arizona, no one wants to come and see us. And we're sad!

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Blogger Krys said...

Wow! tapered jeans--a 'What Not To Wear' fashion faux pas! I'm pretty sure my Doc Martens would be in the trash heap, too!

12/3/07 9:24 PM  
Blogger Roger Green said...

Isn't Portland awfully large for a Single-A team?

13/3/07 10:45 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

They now have a Triple-A team, Roger. The Rockies went away somewhere. The Beavers play there now, but I can't remember (without doing a quick search, which would probably bring it up), whose Triple-A team they are (the Padres, maybe?). It's not a question, really, of size - it's that there's not really a decent-sized baseball stadium in the city, and the people there are very reticent about spending public money on sports arenas (the Trail Blazers' home, for instance, was privately funded). So they never bothered to build something that could accommodate a bigger team.

Man. That was a lot to say for an innocent question!

13/3/07 11:01 AM  
Blogger Nik said...

Aw, now you've made me homesick for the Northwest. Amazing you actually got a clear pic of Mt. Hood! I always meant to visit that smallest park and never did...

14/3/07 12:59 PM  
Blogger Roger Green said...

the Padres it is:

14/3/07 1:41 PM  
Blogger Belladonna said...

Just so happens I'm in Portland today. Wish I had time to go check out those gardens, although this early in the season I doubt they'd have much growing. But alas...duty calls. It's a work trip. Maybe next time.

By the way, I've enjoyed hearing about what you've been reading. For some reason the Alice in Wonderland re-imagination thing sounds rather intriguing to me. I've got a long line of books ahead of it waiting for me to get to, but I may add it to my ever growing list.

2/4/07 5:53 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I'm glad you like reading about the books I've been working my way through, Belladonna. The Looking Glass Wars certainly isn't the greatest book, but it's entertaining!

And I know what you mean about a long list of books waiting to be read. Maybe someday I'll get through all of mine.

2/4/07 9:14 PM  

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