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Picture Day relaxes in the Caribbean!

I mentioned last week that after our harrowing journey under the waterfall, we did some serious relaxing. You might not think that would be too photogenic, but given that we were relaxing on a sailing ship on the Caribbean, it becomes photogenic! Let's check it out!

I apologize for being shirtless again, but I like this picture of the little woman and I hanging out in the rigging at the front (stern? bow?) of the boat. Just a pleasant scene.

Speaking of great pictures, Krys liked this so much she framed it and took it to work. They set up a lamp off to the side so that we could all get our pictures taken in front of the sunset. It worked well, although the person taking this snapped it before I could move my hand. Oh well. It's still a nice picture.

Soon after the sunset picture, we all went to the beach for a big party. We had good food, good music, and entertainment. I'm still a bit amazed I managed to get this so well.

The Oregonian, Portland's newspaper, used to run travel photos that people submitted. I sent this one in because it's so cool. They didn't run it. Bastards! But then, less than a year later, they ran a picture of someone doing the exact same thing that a different person sent in ... except it was during the day, so the effect wasn't as good. Double bastards! I still haven't recovered from the shame.

This is the deck of the ship, with the captain at the wheel. We called him "Crunchie." You see, he's the captain, and he was one of those earthy-crunchy types, so we called him Captain Crunch, which of course got shortened to Crunchie. It's funny, damn it! He had that perfect three-day beard growth that's trendy these days (before it was trendy!). One day I actually asked him how he did it. Turns out you can set your razor for "three-day trendy beard growth." I didn't know that.

Dolphins off the port side. Stupid dolphins! We totally shot them, dragged them out of the water, and had dolphin steaks. Mmmmm ... tasty!

KIDDING! Sheesh, you people.

We hung out at a beach in the afternoon and an iguana scuttled by. So I took a picture of it. Some people (we'll call them "stupid Yankees") freaked out a bit. Come on, it's just an iguana! It finally reached the water and swam away. Those suckers are fast!

Finally, one more sunset. Because sunsets are neat.

So those are our relaxing photos. I hope you feel mellow now. Next week, you must come by to see the most disturbing photograph you might ever see. Seriously. DO NOT MISS IT! You think I'm kidding? Just wait and see ...

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